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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

John D'Amato

Well, it's raining outside and I guess I could bitch and moan about it, but I think I'd rather drown my rainy day blues with the cool, soothing rhythms from killer Bluesman John D'Amato.

This song seems particularly fitting for this rainy Tuesday.....


I'm not sure what it is about a blues guitar riff that makes me feel the way I do.  It gets inside me - you know?  While listening to John D'Amato I feel it start with a heat in my belly, then a pulling in my chest as if my heart wants to escape the confines of skin and bone to get out and dance.  I try to placate it by swinging and swaying to the music it so loves.  So far it seems to heart hasn't quite burst out of my chest....though it is pounding, seemingly keeping time with the music.

I learned about John and his band from good friend Rick Perry (aka Bounce the Cat).  As it happens he manages this kick ass bluesman.  Leave it to Bounce to have the great taste and style to recognize this incredible talent.  

Check out his website to catch information on shows here ...and if there isn't a show near you, he also has live videos posted on the site as well.  

Bring it on rain - I don't fucking care - I'm still happy.  Oh and John, thanks for adding some warmth to my rainy Tuesday....watching your fingers fly over those guitar strings makes me wonder what other talents those fingers might have.......... ; )


  1. =^..^= Baby... YOU'RE THE GREATEST!
    The most alluring writer in show business...

  2. Hey Cat,
    Thanks for you kind words. Leave it to Bounce to have great taste in friends.
    I agree YOU'RE THE GREATEST!!!

    1. *Blushing* thank you so much John! For the music and the compliment xo