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Monday, 6 August 2012

Wishes Do Come True

Ever since the brutal disappointment of not seeing a shirtless Sully Erna last fall at the Godsmack concert in Calgary, I have been wishing on the early star every night for a shirtless rocker.  That may sound a little sexist slutty of me, but fuck it, I don't care.....we all need a little flesh.
I've been to many rock shows since Godsmack last fall, and have had a great time at every fucking one of them.  And my wish has come true twice!  I didn't have to wait long for the first time... October 27,  Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters gorgeous sexy drummer, stripped off his to expose rippling strong biceps and smooth pects at the Scotia Saddledome in Calgary AB... omg that was good!!
But as good as that was, a shirtless Taylor Hawkins on the Big Screen in Calgary cannot compare to the spectacle I beheld in the intimate setting of the Medicine Hat Esplanade and Heritage Arts Centre on July 19th!  First let me tell you about the Esplanade in Medicine Hat... it is an intimate theatre that doesn't quite hold 800 spectators (that's right 800 is not a typo).  The acoustics are beyond great and the small intimate venue is starting to attract some very big names... as a matter of fact, Chris Cornell recorded at least one (maybe two) of his songs from his live Songbook album at the Esplanade.  Big names such as City and Colour (I was at that show... see my blog post Dallas is Worth the Green for more), Alice Cooper and Snoop Dogg, but never in a million years would I have guessed that Slash would play such a small venue!  Well, he did!  And even though the tickets to his show sold out in a couple of minutes (if that) I was one of the lucky ones to score a pair!  Fuckin A doesn't even begin to describe how I felt about that accomplishment!!
For those of you who are not familiar with Slash... first, where the fuck have you been? ...he is the guitar fucking god formerly of Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver as well as having a very successful solo career performing with many artists including Myles Kennedy of  Alter Bridge.  It was with Myles Kennedy and a very hot band - The Conspirators - that he played with at the Esplanade.  I was in the balcony and to put it into perspective for you, it was comparable to 5th row floor seats at any other venue!  It was fucking unreal... even though I couldn't reach out and touch them, I almost felt as if I could, they were that close!
The show opened up with Canadian rockers, Monster Truck and they blew us away with their hard rock/alternative style.  These guys are making quite a name for themselves here in Canada and I have no doubt they will be driving their sound into the hearts of fans around the globe before too long... here take a listen!

After a short intermission Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators took the stage... talk about hot fucking rockers!! I was practically panting!  Hell, who am I kidding, I wasn't practically panting... I was literally panting!  I have mentioned music and musicians turn me on, right?  But don't take my word for it... check it out for yourself!

It was an incredible show!  Myles is as an amazing singer as Slash is on guitar.  When they performed Velvet Revolver's Slither I couldn't stop myself from headbanging and the crowd went fucking crazy when they performed Guns N Roses songs Sweet Child O Mine and Paradise City.  It was Slash himself though, that made my night when for their encore he came out on stage shirtless!  He was fucking beautiful bare-chested in his jeans and tophat! Sigh... it still gets my panties and mouth wet when I think back on it!  The Esplanade is way to small and intimate for anything like pyrotechnics but the show was ended with cannons bursting and blowing tons of silver and black confetti into the air!  It was the most fucking awesome spectacle I had ever seen.  And THAT, boys and girls, is what rock n roll is fucking all about...............; )