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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ezra Vancil

It's no secret that I love music that fucking assaults all my senses.  What some of you may not know is that I get off just as much on music that soothes.  I came across an artist very recently that fits that bill perfectly.

Ezra Vancil (Ezra Thomas) produces a sound that makes me feel like I'm in a beautiful warm lagoon. His music flows over me and envelopes me in soft waves. Yes, it definitely soothes my soul and yet at the same time it invigorates me.

Listening to Ezra inspires me to believe in some kind of higher power. There is something, I won't say heavenly because heaven in the traditional sense is not something I believe in, but not of this world, yet not alien either....that shines through him and lends strength to those us who lose ourselves in his songs.

Perhaps I'm getting sentimental, but I think we all like to rub ourselves against something soft and comforting every once in while.  Ezra gives me that something.  I'm curious as to whether he gives it to you as well.  Please give him a listen and let me know ......; )

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Visit Ezra's website at and catch all his links there.

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