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Monday, 16 September 2013

Shakedown Stockholm

I listen to a lot of online radio because I happen to love Indie music.  Due to the restrictions placed on traditional radio stations, they aren't able to put Indie music on their playlists.  But if you look around or should I say, listen around a bit, every once in a while you'll come across a traditional radio show segment that features some of the best Indie music from around the world.

I happened across one of those segments some time ago and you can be guaranteed I'll be tuned into 106.9 The Wolf, Nanaimo's best rock, Sunday evenings at six to catch Mike Lang and his segment "Fresh Tracks".  And that's where I heard Shakedown Stockholm for the first time!

I have a special affinity for twins...what can I say?  I gave birth to a set myself.  My boys are musicians and I couldn't help but notice that when they played together they had a natural timing with each other, playing to and off of each other.  That chemistry is apparent in Shakedown Stockholm as well.  Well, perhaps the reason for that is that this band happens to have 2 sets of twins!

This female fronted band from the UK is fucking killing it! On first listen, if you didn't know there are two singers, you'd swear the vocals are digitally layered by a gifted mixer and producer.  Fronted by 23 year old sisters Joanna and Davina, these beautiful women have a natural, melodic timing with each other that perhaps we haven't heard since sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart took the world by storm.

On top of that, they have another set of twins, brothers Danny and Ryan on guitar and drums respectively.  Completing the circle and filling the sound is Harlow on lead guitar and Hilly on bass.  Together this band has created a fucking kick ass sound that rockers will fucking love!  I am definitely a fan!  But as usual, I don't expect you to take my word for take a listen for yourself....


And just because once isn't enough with these rockers, here's another.....


Check out their soundcloud page for more at, follow them on twitter at @ShakedownSTHLM and like their facebook page at  Personally, I'm stalking them on all three........... ; )

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