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Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Standstills

Canada fucking rocks!!  I know I'm starting to sound a bit repetitive, but every time I turn around, I'm hearing another fucking killer band from Canada!  Today it's Ontario rockers The Standstills!

Take one part grundge, add a dash of southern metal, mix in some country blues and a whole lot of kick ass and you have the perfect recipe for The Standstills latest album Pushing Electric!  Full of energy and pushing it out into the universe through dedicated musical talent, these rockers are a fucking hit with me and they will be with you too!

I caught this video and fell in love, check it out.....


The Standstills hail and wail from Oshawa, Ontario....and here I thought they only made cars there....hmmmm, first Detroit, then Oshawa....perhaps there's a connection.  Makes sense, really - innovation, creativity - why the fuck wouldn't they be connected.  Well, let's just suffice it to say that The Standstills are the best fucking thing to come out of Oshawa since the '69 Camero - and much like my favorite car, they're fast, powerful and sexy as hell!

You can access videos and tuneage from their website at along with news from the band and all their links.  I personally signed up for their newsletter as well....and subscribed to their youtube channel, liked em on facebook and follow them on twitter. Yep, it's fucking official, I'm a fucking stalker....... ; )


  1. Great read! Let me start by saying right up front, I am Renee's Dad. I used to think I suffered from "Daddy bias" believing my daughter's band is that good. Watching their growth, reading all the reviews, listening to feedback at the shows, I know I'm right, The Standstills are that good. I have never heard anyone, including well-known artists and industry professionals, have anything bad to say about them. Renee and Jonny are both genuinely good people who are passionate about their craft, and more importantly, their music.

    In an effort to give back to their fans, Renee invites anyone who buys something at their show to sign her drum kit. How cool is that? I sincerely believe real success is not far away. Unfortunately, in the music business, the element of luck (not talent) is still the biggest factor in determining success or failure.

    Enough about what I think, what I really intended to say was this. While I'm excited that you are a fan, I get the impression you have only heard The Standstills. Have you seen their show? I ask because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Standstills live show is what they are all about, they are a LIVE band, the passion I spoke of earlier, shines through in their shows. Great bands have one thing in common, they are all known for putting on killer live shows. So if you haven't seen The Standstills play, you now know you owe it to yourself to do so. I'm confident you will leave feeling like you have witnessed something special.

    Many thanks for the love you’ve shown The Standstills, spread the word and support LIVE music, it’s the only way bands can make any money these days.

    Thanks again,

    Renee’s Dad . . .aka Jeff

    1. hi Renee's Dad...aka are a proud papa indeed and fully justified in being so. You are right...I have only heard and not yet seen The Standstills, but that's only because of thousands of kms!
      I agree with you...success cannot be far with this group! They already have a great local audience and with the help of social media, I have no doubt their global audience will become massive!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment...if I ever get out that way again, perhaps I'll see you at a Standstills show!