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Monday, 23 September 2013

Friday Night at Logan's Pub

It's been a while since I fucking tore it up, so I guess I was due.  Friday night, my new friend James Buhs - kickass front man for heavy fucking metal rockers Fatal Instinct came over to the island to scope some venue sites to play, so of course, I offered my wheels and my hospitality to hop around Victoria.

I had mentioned Logan's Pub on Cook Street to him previously, knowing that Carry the Storm (another fucking kickass metal band) had played there and had a great time.  Turns out, on the ferry ride over, he ran into another band heading over to the island to play, guess where - Logan's Pub!  Those guys turned out to be Cocaine Moustache, Vancouver's hard hitting party band.

So, off to Logan's Pub we went.  The night started off with Crown and Coke (doubles) and Fatal Instinct playing on the pub's P.A. system....great fucking start.  When they turned off the P.A. the Gnar Gnars took to the stage.  This band is just fucking fun...I can't think of a better way to describe them.  Their lyrics backed by a punk vibe poke fun at today's pop culture and had me laughing out loud.  They're brand new to the scene, so unfortunately I can't share any of their music for you as it's not posted online yet.  Let's hope they post something soon.  In the meantime, head over to their facebook page at and check out their posts.  Like I said....a lot of fucking fun!

Next on stage came The Drunken Superheroes.  I wasn't totally surprised to see the lead singer of the Gnar Gnars get behind the drum kit and play for The Drunken Superheroes....sharing musicians happens a lot with local bands.  This band is more hardcore but still a helluva lot of fun featuring Captain Blackout on vocals and guitar, Liverboy on vocals and bass, Stuperman on vocals and drums and of course it never hurts an image to have a cute blonde (Blunderwoman) on vocals and jumping around on stage.  Again...we have a brand new band that hasn't posted their tunes online, so again, if you'd like to hear their tunes - unless you get to a show you're shit out of luck (for now anyway).  Their facebook page can be found at  They haven't posted a fuck of a lot yet, but perhaps we can inspire them with a few more likes

Headlining the night was of course Cocaine Moustache.  As soon as they started to play, it was apparent through their talent and timing that these guys have some great experience behind them.  Taking hard rock, blues, punk, funk and hell yes, bluegrass, they mash it all together to create a brand new genre of music, let's just call it Stache Rock for lack of a better term.  Though they have some very serious musical talent, these guys don't take themselves too seriously either.  Their lyrics, much like their lifestyle reflect that it's all about having a good time.  And believe me, with these guys, their good time is fucking contagious! As it turns out, these guys do have an album out!  On The Mirror is available for purchase at Reversed Records Store at or on iTunes through the same website.  Hard copy or digital...the choice is yours!  You can also find Cocaine Moustache on facebook for more info and links at  And finally!  I can fucking share a tune with you!  Check out Cocaine Moustache.....


I had a fucking blast!  I felt a little sorry for James though, who is very serious about his music.  Fatal Instinct is reflective of the life and friends James has known.  If there is a living hell on Earth, James has lived through it and survived to write and express his experiences through his music.  I'm wagering his comfort zone is in a much darker place.  He was a great sport though, showed me a great time and took care of my drunken ass.  So, as much as I raise my glass to the guys in the bands having a fucking great time, I raise my glass to James Buhs of Fatal Instinct.  Metal guys are the fucking best.......... ; )

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