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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Born & Raised - Ghosts of Tomorrow

Is there a better way to spend Easter Sunday than diving into the depths of great metal music?  I don't fucking think so!  And you know me....if I'm gonna rock out, I'm gonna rock out to the best!  It didn't take too many clicks of my mouse to find a great metal band out of Texas.  Fuck, I really have to get to Texas one day because those boys fucking know how to rock hard!

Born & Raised is a prime example of how to do it right!  At first listen I was hooked.  They have that hard rock metal sound with a touch of blues rhythms that turns me on in a way like nothing else.  Electric guitar like it was meant to be played, drums that keep the rhythm without getting boring, and those fucking vocals that awaken the darkest part of my soul, yet lift me back into the light.

These boys have gone through a number of member changes and as you listen through their music library, you can hear the evolution of this band.  I've only heard a few songs by this killer band and already I'm craving more!  Fuck it.... here listen to this while I visit to buy this fucking hard hitting CD, Ghosts of Tomorrow.....

Okay, I'm credit card hardly dented at all yet my CD collection improved greatly by the addition of Born & Raised.  I know this won't be the last time I'm raving about this band as I hear they're working on new music right now between live gigs.  Fuck I'm cool.... and you can be too when your blasting this music out of your speakers.........; )

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