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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Good Reading....

Hey everyone!! I know I haven't posted a lot lately.  I started a new job!  I started dating again!  And I came down with a cold that has been fucking kicking my ass!  But don't feel sorry for of the things I love to do in my down time is read.  I've read the first two books of the Shades of Grey series.  It hasn't impressed me that much but then again I'm not really one for romance novels.  I was expecting hot and dirty and I got Cinderella....oh well.  That's all I'll say on that matter as I know there are many fans of the books and I really don't want to offend anyone.
The book I'm reading right now though is fucking incredible!  I picked it up in a funky little bookstore in Seattle, Left Bank Books at the Pike Place Market. The book is Sex at Dawn - How we Mate, Why we Stray, and What it Means for Modern Relationships.  It's written by Christopher Ryan, PhD and Cacilda Jetha, MD so you can imagine it's not a novel.  I came across a passage yesterday when I was reading that I think many of you will REALLY fucking enjoy, so I just have to share!
The following is excerpted from Sex at Dawn:
Lots of upright, proper Americans were scandalized by the way Elvis moved his hips when he sang "rock and roll."  But how many realized what the phrase rock and roll meant?  Cultural historian Michael Ventura, investigating the roots of African-American music, found that rock 'n' roll was a term that originated in the juke joints of the South.  Long in use by the time Elvis appeared, Ventura explains the phrase "hadn't meant the name of a music, it meant 'to fuck.'  'Rock' by itself, had pretty much meant that, in those circles, since the twenties at least."  By the mid-1950's, when the phrase was becoming widely used in mainstream culture, Ventura says the disc jockeys "either didn't know what they were saying or were too sly to admit what they knew." 
Though crusty old Ed Sullivan would have been scandalized to realize what he was saying when he announced this new "rock and roll all the kids are crazy about," examples of barely concealed sexual reference lurking just below the surface of common American English don't stop there.  Robert Farris Thompson, America's most prominent historian of African art, says that funky is derived from the Ki-Kongo lu-fuki, meaning "positive sweat" of the sort you get from dancing or having sex, but not working.  One's mojo, which has to be "working" to attract a lover is Ki-Kongo for "soul." Boogie comes from mbugi, meaning "devilishishly good."  And both jazz and jism, likely derive from dinza the Ki-Kongo word for "to ejaculate."
Hahahaha! Isn't that fucking great?  Can you understand why I fucking LOVE this book?  This excerpt gives a whole new meaning to sex, drugs and rock n roll..... sex, drugs and more fucking sex!  No wonder I'm so turned on by the music I listen to!  So in closing, I hope you all go out (or stay in) this weekend and fucking "rock and roll"......... ; )