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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bleeker Ridge - Sleep

Hey fucking time to write so I'm just gonna share a song.  These dudes were supposed to be opening for Buckcherry in Victoria the other night but their fucking van had other plans.  Anyway, I love their tunes and one of these fucking days I'll catch them live....FOR SURE!!!

This is Bleeker Ridge's Sleep....


This is off their latest album, Four.....and it fucking rocks.  I have it and I highly recommend it.  If your a rock fan it belongs in your music collection!  Rock and fucking roll baby ......... ; )

Four is available on iTunes at their facebook page at

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Buckcherry in Victoria

My head is still fucking reeling!!  Last night I had a fucking blast at the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria!  I have no doubt this theater is home to all kinds of cultural events that expand and develop the mind and last night was no exception.  The McPherson may have been rocking fucking hard with One Bad Son and Buckcherry, but I also learned a few things from these rockers.

I'm not quite sure what happened to the original line-up....when I bought my ticket before Christmas it was slated as Buckcherry with Airbourne and Bleeker Ridge.  I was fucking over the moon when I heard One Bad Son was added to the line-up.  I'm going to assume they were replacing Airbourne.  Well....shit happens and Bleeker Ridge didn't make the show either....something about a broke down van....?

Well, I don't fucking care....I'll catch Bleeker Ridge another time (fucking LOVE those guys)....because that meant that One Bad Son took the stage for a whole hour instead of the half hour they were originally set to play!  Many of you know I am crazy about One Bad Son music....I've been a fan for a number of years....but FINALLY the fucking stars lined up and I was able to catch a show!  They sound even more incredible live!!

So.....that brings me to the first thing thing I learned.  Apparently it's supposedly uncool to dance to the opening band??? Fuck that!!  As soon as One Bad Son started to play I was on my fucking feet, dancing, singing and clapping and I fucking stayed that way until they finished!  Not only did they play their hits from their self-titled album but they also treated us to a few new songs they've been writing for their upcoming album! Let's just say I can't fucking wait to spend more money on these boys!!!

Well, my perseverance to rock out paid off because after the set, Kurt tossed me a drumstick....(I was in the second row, so it was an easy toss).  Which brings me to the second thing I learned....even if you are perceived as uncool at first, attention from the band suddenly makes you cool again.  Eh....I didn't fucking care what anybody else thought anyway....I can't fucking sit down at a live show! the way....the boys in One Bad Son are fucking hot!!  I wonder if any of them has a single dad.....??

Then Buckcherry hit the stage and everyone was on their fucking feet.....about fucking time.  Another fucking excellent live act!  High energy and fucking hot!!  I almost came in my jeans when halfway through the show Josh Todd took off his shirt.....meow!!  No fucking doubt that man could make me purr!!  As if the crowd weren't wild enough, they fucking lost their minds when Buckcherry played Crazy Bitch!  


Which brings me to what else I learned.....apparently I'm not a crazy see, Josh was kind enough to let us know exactly what a crazy bitch is.  A crazy bitch is between 18 and 25 years old, she keeps her pussy and asshole waxed, and she doesn't give a fuck about Buckcherry because she's too fucking busy fucking her way to the top.  Well.....maybe I'm a little crazy.....I'll leave the why to your imagination.......... ; )

One word of advice....get your ass to a Buckcherry show!! For tour dates and tickets go to!!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Last Bullet

Canada fucking rocks!  Where have you heard that before?  Oh yeah, from me!  Because it's fucking true, rockers.....and I got more proof for you! Thanks to Roy Galpin....PR man with outstanding taste in music......for bringing Last Bullet to my attention!

Last Bullet is fucking rocking the shit out of Toronto!  The band consists of Bryan Fontez - lead vocals, Brenden Armstrong - lead guitar, Michael Silva - rhythm guitar, Chris Galaz - drums and Will S - bass.  These guys are definitely influenced by the sexy, dirty, high energy rock n roll sound that launched bands like Motley Crue, The Black Crows, Hinder and Stone Temple Pilots into super stardom, yet without a doubt have claimed that sound as their own through their own unique style.  Trust me....if you haven't heard them on the radio yet, it won't be long!  Well....enough fucking talk from me....just listen.....


The only downside?  They're in fucking Toronto and I'm on the west coast!  I think it might be time for a west coast tour boys.......... ; )

Visit Last Bullet on their website at to catch more tunes and information.  You can hit their links there too!  Believe me, these boys are worth following!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Trace the Sky

This weekend found me rocking at one of the coolest fucking little bars in Nanaimo, The Cambie!  I love this bar, notwithstanding the slightly shady area of town because they fucking support the local music scene.  I haven't been to this pub without being blown away by the local island talent and Saturday night was no fucking exception.  You see, Saturday night The Cambie hosted the Trace the Sky Messages EP release party.

The night kicked off with a fucking kick ass performance from Carry the Storm....island Metal at its best! At the end of the night I had a conversation with Blake Deal, front man for the band and was told they will be hosting their own EP release party soon, so you can be guaranteed that they will be front and center in the Litter Box very soon!

Next to hit the stage was the trio of Atlas Collapses.  It was the first time I'd heard this band but it definitely won't be the last.  A friend next to me put it best, so I'm gonna steal his description of their music...."they're like a jazzy Muse."  I will definitely be paying closer attention to Atlas Collapses!

The real treat of the night though was of course when Trace the Sky hit the stage and performed their EP live!  Matt Harder may be the bass player and front man for Trace the Sky, but all the members  including Liam Glaim - vocals and guitar, Matt Gladman - guitar and vocals, and Chris Anderson - drums and vocals....all have a dominate presence in Trace the Sky.

What each member brings to the band creates a mash of styles that include rock, metal and surfer punk....I fucking love it!  Fans can dance, jump, headbang and/or fucking mosh!  It's fucking incredible!  I picked up the EP and am fucking loving it!  In fact, I'm loving it so much I'm having trouble picking just one song to share with you!  Here goes....eenie, meenie, minie, moe.....Lessons Learned it is!


Some of their songs are on youtube....subscribe to them at and some of them are on bandcamp at but I'm not seeing a place yet to pick up the suggestion....bug the shit out of them on facebook at and tell them to get it fucking posted!  I'll bug em too....after all, I'd fucking hate for y'all to miss out.......... ; )

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Phase Reverse

Okay hard rock and metal fans, pack your fucking shit, we're goin' to Greece!  Why Greece?  Because they fucking know how to rock it fucking hard there....or at least there are four men there that know how to rock it fucking hard!!

I heard Phase Reverse for the first time a couple of weeks ago on one of my favorite online podcasts, We're Right, You're Wrong with Red and Jay.  This week Red interviewed a couple members of the band and played a few more tunes and well...I was fucking hooked!  Listen to the show and the interview here >

Phase Reverse is based out of Athens Greece and consists of Alex killin it on drums, Chief kickin it on Guitar,  Dragon-K keepin it even on Bass, and Takis Mark knocking me the fuck out on vocals.  Their sound is a blend of hard rock and heavy metal that takes me back to my headbanger fact I may have hurt myself while listening to them....I gotta learn to remember my spirit may still be 17 years old but my fucking neck isn't.

These rockers have two full length albums recorded and it was hell for me to try and pick one song to share with you.  Born to be Dead is from their second album, Phase II.


Greece is full of ancient ruins, remnants of majesty long since crumbled.  Now we know there is still one rock formation that stands fucking strong in Athens and they call it Phase Reverse........ ; )

Phase Reverse is based in Greece but they are all over the fucking web!  Visit their website at for more info and to catch all their links!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Seven Day Vengeance

I had the worst day yesterday....well, no, I guess I'm exaggerating...I've definitely had worse days.  Maybe a better a better description would be I had a "bad hair day" even though my hair was probably the best part of it.....well, no, I guess I'm exaggerating again...the best part of it was discovering and listening to Seven Day Vengeance!

Canada fucking rocks and Seven Day Vengeance is fucking proof!  This is the kind of rock that really gets me off....always has been.  Hard crunchy riffs, amazing vocals and lyrics and an incredible bass line.  They are another band I'm fucking having trouble finding info on.  They're on facebook, twitter, reverbnation, bandcamp, and youtube and all I can find is that they're from Hamilton, Ontario and their music....though that's not really a bad thing.

I do definitely hear layers in their tunes and I wonder how much of their music is one man.....again, not a bad thing.  Hell, the first Foo Fighters album was all Dave Grohl....he put the band together after he recorded the album. gotta check em out!


And that's the soft slow stuff....head on over to their bandcamp page and check out their album....I promise if you're a hard rock fan, you're gonna fucking love what you hear......... ; )

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ghost of War

We're an American band, we're an American band, we're comin to your town, we'll help you party it down, we're an American band....
Oops, you caught me singing along.... and no, it wasn't to Grand Funk Railroad, well, yes it's their song originally, but the version I was singing along to is a kick you in your fucking teeth metal version done exquisitely by Ghost Of War.

I've been listening to this killer band from Pennsylvania on reverbnation the last couple days.  I find myself adding all their songs to my favorites list.  That's a damn good sign that I'm gonna need to dig into my purse again and see if I can fucking scrape enough change together to pick up their music.

These guys have experience.  They've been playing together for approximately for 5 years, their CD, Only Death is Real, released in 2012 has been a huge hit in the Mid Atlantic region of America and is gathering attention and fans from all over the world.  Their individual playing experience spans more than 20 years.  Ghost Of War is Metal done old school....they definitely have an Iron Maiden and Judas Priest influence apparent in their original tunes and are a perfect example of a band staying true to the music they love and respect.  In turn they've reinvented and created a current sound that spans generations.


 They may be called Ghost Of War, suggesting an ethereal wisp of a demon bent on destruction but these guys are definitely fucking alive, solid, and loud!  So do what comes fucking natural and get the volume and your horns up........ ; )

Ghost Of War music can be purchased on iTunes and CD Baby and is available through their facebook page at!

Monday, 20 January 2014

One Less Reason

Well, this weekend was filled with more sports than music for me.....Saturday was Hockey Day in Canada and then NFC Championship on Sunday!  As sorry as I was to see the 9ers lose, it was a fucking awesome at it's best.  In between games though I did manage to fool around on facebook a little and it was that fooling around that led me to listen to One Less Reason!

Roll over country fans, there's a new band in town and they are rockin it!   Based out of Tennessee, One Less Reason is made up of Cris Brown on vocals, Kolter Boatwright on bass, Jerry Bailey on guitar and Jeff Moore on drums.  They have five albums under their belt....independent that's some serious shit baby!

Holy fuck these guys rock!  They remind me a little of Nickelback's early stuff, back when they fucking rocked.....and yeah, Nickelback haters, Nickelback used to fucking rock....The State and The Long Road are fucking awesome albums, so just fuck off with your hate. 

There's no room for hate with One Less Reason.  A Million Miles is a single from their latest album Blueprint for Writhing and I'm gonna share the video they used for their crowdsourcing, kickstart project last year, and the one they're using now to raise some cash for album promotion.


Well, there you go....they rock and have a sense of humor.....and oh my, that southern drawl!  That's it....they have my heart.  Perhaps one day I'll see them perform live and I can offer up one or two other body parts......... ; )

Visit their website at to find information on how you can support this awesome band! 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Journey (PSA for "Honor the Treaties")

Neil Young is making international news these days with his stand against the development of the Alberta Tar Sands.  He's performing a few concerts to raise awareness of what he believes to be an atrocity against the First Nations Treaty and the global environment.  And he's not the only one...many musicians are getting on board and releasing their own awareness raising projects.  My friend Matt Groopie and his band the King Beez included.

They've recently released a video, packed with details of exactly what the oilsands are doing to the environment and they've set it to their instrumental The Journey.  It's poignant, it's classy, it' it is....


Whatever side of the fence you're on when it comes to this oilsands development, I don't think there is any argument that we need to find a better, cleaner way....whether it's developing and investing in other forms of renewable energy or developing and investing in new ways to extract the oil from the oilsands.  

This is just one example of where art gets political.  I'm not sure how you feel but I for one prefer to see the artists I admire getting involved in talking about the issues facing our communities instead of reading how some young pop star is in trouble with the law for fucking egging his neighbour's house........... ; )

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Right to Die

Hey rockers....I'm feeling a little fucking sexy today, so I'm gonna throw in some sexy rhythm and blues from Midnight Mosaic.

I love Midnight Mosaic because they're so fucking diverse.  Mixing rhythm & blues, funk and rock.  .....and well, they make me want to shake my ass!  This weekend they released a new official video for Right to Die.  Enough music....


Just so you know....I'm currently kingless.  Come dance with me baby....... ; )

Subscribe to Midnight Mosaic on youtube !

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Aviator Shades

You know....I talk a lot of shit about how I gotta get out to see and hear great music.  I've said a dozen times I gotta get my ass to Texas....or to Arizona...or the UK....and one day I'm sure I will.  In the meantime though, I'm finding that there is a never ending supply of kick ass rock and roll right here at home.  (My home being British Columbia, Canada).

In fact I've talked about many of them to you....there's Cupla, One Bad Son (though originally from Saskatoon, they're based out of Vancouver now), Fatal Instinct, Carry the Storm, No Operator, Trace the Sky, The Distributors....anyway, I think you get my point.  Well....I've got another one for you!

Aviator Shades, simply put, is good old rock and fucking roll!  These guys have a classic and energetic style and sound that pulls in fans of all ages!  I've only heard a few songs and I'm fucking hooked.  Their blend of rock, blues and just enough metal to give that hard edge have quickly made them one of my favorites.  Not only would I feel comfortable about telling my kids to check out this fucking kick ass band, I would also easily tell my friends....that's right....the old folks!

Before Spring hits, Aviator Shades will be heating things up, performing around our beautiful province.  My turn to be in the audience will happen March 1st at the Cambie in Nanaimo!  Fuck I love the Cambie....they bring in the best fucking live music.  If you're in the area, you should join me.  If you're not well maybe you can get to one of their other shows....their tour dates are listed here >  facebook.  Give em a like while your there.


I can't fucking wait for March!  Aviator Shades, I'll see you then!  I'll be the drunk blonde shaking her ass and, fuck, wait....I'll be driving....I'll be the sober blonde shaking her ass and howling...... ; )

Monday, 13 January 2014

Holy Pistol Club

I fucking love the sounds coming out of the UK and in particular from the Holy Pistol Club.  Though I do find them a contradiction within themselves.

That's right....a contradiction....they have managed to create an original sound that is also very retro.   Well take a'll see what I mean....


They also must be very, very shy because I'm having a hell of a time finding any info on them at all!  All I can tell you is they are James Cairns - Vocals, David O'Neill - Guitar,  Chris Cunningham- Guitar, Ross Duffy - Bass, Craig MacKinnon - Drums and they're from West Dunbartonshire.  Oh....and of course.....they fucking rock!  Huh....guess that's all we need to know........ ; )

Like em on facebook and follow em on twitter!

Friday, 10 January 2014

And Still I Rise

Okay, Fridays rock regardless but with some face melting metal they fucking rock HARD! And I have some fucking epic face melting metal for you today!

And Still I Rise is based out of the Bay Area of California and there is nothing about these boys that isn't fucking hot!  Yeah girls....that's right....while their music might melt your face, their faces are gonna melt your hearts!  Though founded in 2013 (and I can't fucking believe these guys have only been together as a whole for less than a year) these guys have known each other for years, playing in separate bands. 

Well halleluiah and praise whatever fucking dark lord that brought these guys together because their apparent chemistry translates into fucking kick ass music!  Bassist Josh Bonaparte sent me a link to this tune and I was fucking blown away!


Apparently And Still I Rise also has a sense of humor too....Josh also sent me a cover they did of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball.  If Sixty Five Roses hadn't rocked so fucking hard, I would have shared that one with you....I fucking howled!  Oh fuck it.....bonus video!!


 I wanna fucking party with these guys!  And Still I Rise, if I ever do, you won't have to worry about that ghost....I'll take care of him for you .............. ; )

You can find And Still I Rise on facebook, twitter and youtube.  Check em out!!!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Beginnings for Jason Webb and Born & Raised

I came across a piece of bad news....well, I guess it depends on your perspective, but on first read, to me, it was bad news.  Jason Webb, the voice and front man of Born & Raised - kick ass metal band out of Texas - has decided to leave the band.

That being said, it does not mark the end of Born & Raised or of Jason Webb's music career but it will mean changes.  Some bands have been able to keep their sound with a new lead singer...AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Genesis, just to name a few, so it will be interesting to see who the boys choose to take the lead.  Whether it will lead to a seamless transition or to a whole new dynamic and sound.

Jason's powerful voice, I'm sure, will lead him to success with whatever project he gets involved in.  So who knows?  Maybe it is good news?  I guess we will have to wait and see.  In the meantime, Jason is staying with the band to help find a new lead singer, help with the transition and keep booking commitments.  The guys, through social media, have demonstrated class and respect with this decision.  If you're looking for drama and trash talk you're gonna have to look elsewhere.

I'm going to share one of my very favorite songs....and not just one of my very favorite songs by Born & Raised, but one of my very favorite songs period!  This is a live version of Morning Glory and it kicks fucking ass!


So....if you happen to be in Texas and you also happen to be a kick ass singer that likes hard rock and metal, you might want to get in touch with Born & Raised.  Now that I'm getting used to the news, I have to admit I'm a little excited for all the guys.  After all, every new beginning has to come from some other beginnings end............. ; )

This is Born & Raised facebook link > .  Singers can find their contact info there.  Fans can post their well wishes for Jason Webb and the rest of the band.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Big Cock

Hahahahaha! How many of you thought you might have clicked on the wrong blog....well, not the wrong blog....the other Cat blog!  With a title like that it wouldn't be surprising!  Nah...if you're looking for music, you are in the right place.

Big Cock is a band.  They've been around for awhile...since 2005 but I've only come across them recently.  I fucking love their style....let's see, how do they describe themselves?  Oh yeah...."the band plays a variation of 80’s rock and refers to their musical style as “cock rock.”"  That's their description....dirty, sexy rock that makes dirty little rockers such as myself shake their fucking asses!  .....or stripper music, hahahaha!

Well, I'm feeling a little frisky this morning, so I think sharing some Big Cock is fitting....hahahaha...oh shit....I'm even cracking myself up this morning!  This is a song after my own heart...


Well....a girl's gotta stay warm somehow!  One piece of advice, though...if you want to search for this band online, search Big Cock music!!! I speak from experience!  Have a great day rockers and with any luck, I've inspired you to go out (or stay in) and share the love .......... ; ) 

Check out more music and videos from Big Cock at

Monday, 6 January 2014

Twelve Years Driven

Well....the holidays are over but I still have a gift for metal fans.  Twelve Years Driven is rocking Texas and they're rocking it fucking hard!

I fucking love the story behind Twelve Years 1997 Adam Simmons, Mark Powell, and Larry Gilstrap had a vision of a band, of a sound....after 15 months of trying to find musicians that shared this vision with little success they quit.  Twelve years later in 2010 (yeah...that's where the name of the band is derived), Adam Simmons and Larry Gilstrap along with Kris Wood, Mark Sebren and Robert Rice came together to complete the vision.

All I can say is it fucking pays not to compromise.  Having put the perfect combination of musicians together to create the sound they were looking for they've created a powerful entity with the backbone of a beast consisting of melodic verses, screaming choruses, screaming guitars and bass and drums that are gonna knock you on your fucking ass!

FED UP and more

 I fucking love these guys!  If I ever get my fucking sweet little ass to Texas, Twelve Years Driven is gonna know it too.......... ; )

 Visit their site at and pick up their EP!! You can find them on facebook and youtube as well!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Ain't No Soulshine

Happy fucking New Year music fans!!  I hope y'all had a great time welcoming in 2014 and saying goodbye to 2013.  I also hope you've made your new years resolutions. I've made mine...and I resolve to keep rockin out every chance I get!  Okay....that's not really my resolution, that's my nature!

Well, we're into January and in Canada that means the coldest fucking month of the year.  I'm pretty lucky, I'm on the west coast and though we are expecting rain our temps are still about 8 Celsius (for my American friends that's about 47 F).  Other parts of Canada (and from what I hear, in the States too) have been hit hard by severe winter weather and January doesn't look much better. tribute to those who are freezing their asses off and hating it, I want to share some very cool rockin blues.  This video is my friend, Phil Brown, doing what he does best.....being fucking sexy.


Well, I hope that warmed you up for another year of cool and hot music!  I know I always get a very (very) warm feeling every time I hear Phil play....... ; )