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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Platinum Blonde

Who remembers Platinum Blonde?  I do, I do!!  Back in the eighties they represented Canadian glam rock and were a huge hit....definitely in Canada, but also breaking ground in the U.S. and Europe, releasing hit after hit.  Well guess what?  Our boys are all fucking grown up and still making music.

After a long hiatus of doing their own individual thing they have come back together and released a new album - Now & Never.  I have to admit I admire the fact that they've decided to make more original music.  So many bands from the seventies and eighties seem to be quite content with touring clubs and playing their same hits from yesteryear over and over and over.....well, you get my point. Not that that's a bad thing....but man, give me something fucking new to listen to!

Platinum Blonde has come through for me!  Proving they still have what it takes to produce great music, here is their first single from Now & Never, this is Beautiful.....


Reminiscent of their old sound yet infused with a modern edge, I am fucking loving this!  And oh my fucking god - they are still fucking hot!! Platinum Blonde is on tour this year promoting their new sound. Visit their website at to get tour dates and check out their music...old and new.  As for me, after watching that video, I have to go take a cold shower........ ; )


  1. I kind of knew who Mark, DJ MRK LMS, was the minute I saw pictures of him.
    "Isn't that the guy from Platinum Blonde?"?

    1. hahahaha! Yeah...he turned down reuniting the band for a while because of his DJ gig! Glad he came around ;)