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Thursday, 29 August 2013

North Til Dawn

I've often said I like my music like I like my liquor and men.....Hard!  Well, I gotta fucking get myself to Texas because they seem to have an abundance of all of the above.  This of course includes kick ass hard rockers North Til Dawn.

North Til Dawn blends the radio friendly sound of modern rock and kicks it up a notch with hard rock guitars and killer drum beats.  Lead singer, Blake McColloch has the perfect voice to drive this band to the top of the'll fucking happen, believe me!

Doesn't hurt that they're fucking sexy either....what can I say? ......I'm a sucker for a man with long hair! Go ahead, check em out.  Here's their official video for Separate.


I can't break these chains that bind us now....oops, caught me singing.   You can find more information about these hot Texans at  While your there, pick up their debut EP, just released in April of this won't be disappointed! Oh and North Til Dawn....feel free to chain me up anytime........ ; )

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Community

Wanna hear something cool and funky?  If so, then you have to check out The Community from New Jersey.  I'm fuckin diggin it baby.

These five experienced and talented musicians come together to create a solid sound that's mature, fun and jazzy.  They've infused their expansive and impressive experiences and tastes together to write and perform music that is ripe with Blues, Jazz and Rock tones.  In doing so they've left themselves open to appeal to a wide variety of music lovers.  Their lyrics - I fucking love their lyrics - are lighthearted and witty, overall making the act of just listening to them a good time.

Just take a listen to them below and you'll fucking know exactly what I mean....


You can find tons more information and links on their website at as well as preview more music and check out live videos.  Now....a few words for the boys in the band - I sobered up and I still like you, ha!....and when I'm bad, I'm very, very good....... ; )

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mike Watson Band Brings Home Honors

I don't nearly write about Blues artists as much as I should.  The genre has been around for more than a hundred years, progressing and evolving into many styles, sparking inspiration and overflowing into many other genres including of course - fucking rock and roll baby!

Apparently Atlanta knows its Blues because they honored an amazing Blues artist this past weekend at the Atlanta Society of Entertainment Awards.  The Mike Watson Band has been a favorite of mine since first hearing them a couple of years ago and I'm so pleased that they were recognized for their talent and dedication to the art of entertainment.

Not only were they named the 2013 Blues Band of the Year and the 2013 Runner up Band of the Year, but Mike was also honored as being the 2013 Entertainer of the Year and took home the 2013 Mama Wynette Entertainment award.  Credit well deserved.

This is the Mike Watson Band performing one of my very favorite Blues Tunes, Ain't No Sunshine.....


You can find out more about this incredible entertainer here >  I highly recommend you visit his site and view more of his videos.  If you like the Blues, you're gonna love the Mike Watson Band - I fucking do......... ; )

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Love and a .38

Well rock and roll fans, brace yourselves for a shot of something fucking powerful!  Love and a .38 is locked and loaded and ready to blow your minds.  This kick ass band will definitely appeal to fans of Motley Crue, Hinder and Three Days Grace with their fun and sexy brand of hard rock.

I have to thank my twitter friend Sidney Peck (@CinemaProfound) for turning me on to Love and a .38.  I've been rocking out to their tunes all day.  I was so impressed that I clicked my way into iTunes to pick up their EP and I can't wait to depart with more of my money to support this kick the fucking door in, get the fuck off the couch and on your fucking feet band!

Not long ago I watched a W5 (Canadian news magazine TV show) segment that spoke about the power of music....that when we hear music that appeals to our own personal taste, we can't help but move.  Well, Love and a .38 appeals to my personal taste because I've been moving, shaking, tapping feet and fingers all fucking day - guess I can skip my workout today. Thanks Love and a .38, you're way more fun than aerobics!

Hailing from Los Angeles they've been gaining fans from all over the world.  They take their business seriously and as an independent band they've been making all the right moves.  As well as writing and performing incredible music they have excelled in using social media to it's full potential - getting their music out there and heard by those who appreciate it most....the fans.  Their fans appreciate their effort, they in turn appreciate their fans and it's showing in their gaining success. Check em out for yourself - here's their official video of Rock'n Lola.....


Doesn't hurt they covered Canadian artist Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night either....I can like that song again and still be cool!  They can be found all over the web - twitter, facebook, soundcloud, reverbnation, youtube, iTunes and of course their own website (catch all their links from here).  I know this because I happen to be stalking them on all of them.  This is one band that I want to stay on top of - and not just in a dirty way................ ; )

Swimming In Gasoline

Well, the boys in Gift of Destiny must be feeling kinky this week because they gave me the threesome I was looking for!  That's right Metal's yet another video from this diverse and fucking kick ass band!

I love that they chose songs to release as videos this week that are all so different from one another, mashing their love for Metal with different styles.  The song your about to view and listen to definitely has a sixties sort of surf feel behind it, blending perfectly with the lyrics and of course the title, Swimming in Gasoline.

One of the things I love about Gift of Destiny....and yeah, I fucking love everything about Gift of the fact their not afraid to get a little political.  They use their talent as a venue to speak their minds and in my opinion that's what creative expression is all about.

The video, though shot without a budget, is as visually powerful as the song itself is audibly. Focusing on the ways we destroy each other as a human race for the almighty dollar and in turn how that affects our home - the world we live in.  Check it out......


This song affects me in so many ways that I'm not fucking sure whether I want to grab a picket sign and go march in protest, or pull on some go-go boots and bounce around the room.  Oh hell, maybe I'll do both...................... ; )

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Play That Funky Music

Well, rock and roll fans....we got a twofer happening this week!  That's fucking of my favorite bands just released another youtube video!  Gift of Destiny out of Arizona has done it again, releasing a video of their cover of Play That Funky Music.

I made a comment recently on another blog (Alan Cross) how I loved original music.  I also mentioned that when bands performed covers that I get off on them so much more when they put their own personal spin on the song...essentially making it their own.   My previous post featured a video by Gift of Destiny covering Punk band Agent Orange's song Bloodstains, and oh hell yeah, they made that song their own!  Well, they've gone and fucking done it again - this time with one of my favorite songs, Wild Cherry's Play That Funky Music.

Gift of Destiny kept the funk, but made it rock even harder!  Filming this video from a number of live shows on an iPhone....yeah you heard me, a fucking was shot and edited by up and coming filmographer O.T., I don't know O.T. either but I have a feeling we might be seeing more from this film maker in the future!  Here, check it out.....


This song was released as a single last year....and yeah, I have it on my is fucking everywhere, isn't it?  Anyway....I fucking love this band - their originals AND their covers.  I probably don't need to mention that I wouldn't mind getting under the covers with this band.....but I will......... ; )

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Well, the boys of Gift of Destiny have got me all fucking worked up again.  They've just released their new video for their cover of Bloodstains.

The original song belongs to Agent Orange, a punk band from Orange County and was released on their debut album back in 1979.  Agent Orange was known for their mash of punk and surf, creating a raw yet lively sound that you couldn't help but jump to.  Gift of Destiny has definitely put their own spin of the song, keeping the sound punk, but mashing it with the much harder sounds of heavy metal.  Check it out....


This is only one song of many that I absolutely fucking love by this kick ass band.  You can find their recorded version of this song on their CD, Throttle.  Yeah, of course I own a copy, and you can get yours by visiting their website >

 By the way, Gift of Destiny, I still have that bottle of Tequila.....just sayin........ ; )

Friday, 16 August 2013

Grey Cup rocks Canada

.......or at least it could!  So, I'm just jotting a quick post asking all my Canadian readers to ensure that Canada rocks out this year at the Grey Cup.

I like to think I have a very good ear for music.  Yeah, I pretty much like everything but there are only a handful of new bands that I absolutely LOVE!  One that stands out from the crowd is One Bad Son.  The first time I heard them, I knew they had IT!  IT being that special something that sets them apart from everyone else.

I just recently learned that this fucking awesome band has a chance to perform for millions of Canadian Football Fans (stadium and television) at this years Grey Cup in November but they need your vote.  You damn well know I'll be voting for them....and yeah, you can vote everyday!

If you haven't heard their stuff, though I'm sure if you're a regular reader you caught my earlier blog about them, here's a sample from their latest album..... 


Right???!!!!  Now go on and vote for them here > .....please........... ; )