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Monday, 30 September 2013

October Sky - Fall Tour 2013

Well, it's official....we are definitely going to have to fucking change the name of month from October to Roctober!  I'll be seeing One Bad Son with Crash Karma on the 8th, Joe Satriani on the 19th, and now I hear October Sky is coming back to my neck of the woods on October 12th.

Last fall it was my one of my greatest pleasures to go to Vancouver to catch Montreal rockers October Sky live at Joe's Apartment.  Well, another fall has come and October Sky is back on the road.  They'll be at Joe's Apartment once again and I'm going to do my damnest to be there!

Lucky for Canada, Vancouver isn't their only stop.  In fact they've already started playing to packed audiences.  If you're fucking smart (and I know you are) and love great music (and I know you do) you will be in at least one of their audiences.

But then again, perhaps you're skeptical....perhaps you haven't heard of October Sky ....well, I don't know what fucking rock you've been living under but let me lift it up for you and show you the light. This is lead singer, Karl Raymond, performing an acoustic version of one of my favourite October Sky songs Prisoner of Nothing from their killer album The Aphotic Season.....


I think the reason I can really relate to this song is because I too am a prisoner of nothing......well except maybe booze, sex, cigarettes, caffeine, music......okay, maybe I fucking spoke to soon.......... ; )   

I highly recommend you check out October Sky when they roll into a town near you.  Here are their tour dates.

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