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Thursday, 17 January 2013


Are you one of those people wondering what the hell happened to metal?  Remember the greats we used to rock out to? -uh, excuse me....still fucking rock out to - Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc.... Well, that kind of metal is making a huge comeback.  How could it not?  It's fucking great music.  There are many retro heavy metal bands out there, putting their spin on a sound that's been rocking our world since the eighties.  One of the best that I've heard recently, oops, let me correct that...One of the best that I have EVER heard is Oblidian.

Rapid Healing is the first song on their first album, self-titled simply Oblidian.  Take a listen and try to fucking disagree with me....

These guys have a sound that is all their own but is still reminiscent of the greats of the past mixed in with some greats of the present  and that's just their first album.  Their second rocks even harder.  If you're into hard rocking metal like Disturbed and Mudvayne, you have to check out Oblidian II!  Get in the fucking pit!! Here comes Feed the Rage!

Lucian Tu, musician extraordinaire, writes and plays all the music as well as produces.  He produced both Oblidian albums...hey record labels,wake the fuck up and take note.  Michael "Mudpig" Moreno writes the incredible lyrics and lends his voice, oh, that by the way is fucking made for metal music, to make up Oblidian.  Thus far they are a recording band, but I have it on good authority that they've recently took on a bass player, Jon Reed  - y'know case you were wondering where that killer bass was coming from -  and are working their way to perform live!

I've purchased both albums because bands that have this much fucking talent deserve to be supported.  That being said, if you follow them on facebook at you'll find they're always fucking giving away tunes!  Rock and fucking roll baby.......... ; )

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

One Bad Son

I always get excited to hear new excited in fact that I will often seek out new music online.  I hear about new bands through social media and recommendations through friends.  There are a lot of really talented rockers out there, many of which unfortunately will never hit traditional radio airwaves....and that just fucking sucks.  Some though, through perseverance, hard work and of course a little bit of good luck will.

That being said, a couple of weeks ago I was on my way to a friend's house and listening to Nanaimo's best rock station, 106.9 The Wolf, when I just about drove off the road with excitement. Over the airwaves I heard a very familiar sound...a favorite sound!  They were playing One Bad Son!!!

I heard One Bad Son for the first time online over a year ago...they fucking rock!  They originally come from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan but have relocated to one of Canada's rock capitals, Vancouver, British Columbia.  I was blown away by their sound!  Fuck it....don't take my word for it...take a listen.  This was the first song I heard by them - Retribution Blues!

Now anybody who knows me well knows I love all music but my heart beats for hard rock and blues. One Bad Son does a great fucking job of melding these two genres - so of course I bought up everything they had released at that point - two full length albums and an EP.  As I listened it just got better and better.  One Bad Son first started as the embryonic child of Shane Volk's fucking awesome vocals, Adam Hicks' incredible guitar licks and Kurt Dahl keeping the beat on drums.  It was just the three of them that brought together their two first albums Orange City and This Aggression Will Not Stand.  Well, they haven't stopped there. With the addition of Adam Grant on bass, One Bad Son has truly been born and breathing life.  Together in September of 2012 they released their self titled full length album, produced by Default's Danny Craig and released by 604 Records!

There is no dispute that these boys rock hard but that doesn't mean they don't have a deeper side.  Scarecrows is one of a few songs that One Bad Son slows downs a little to spotlight that particular side and it was the song I heard on the radio as I drove.  Here, take a listen....

There is not one fucking song on this album that I don't absolutely love.  It's one of those albums I can play over and over and never tire of it.  If you're a fan of hard rock music, you MUST add this album to your music library!  As the lyrics of She's on Fire suggests "you can't stop what you can't slow down" there is no stopping One Bad Son from going all the way!  I can't fucking wait to see them play live!  Hope you like Tequila boys........... ; )

To check out and keep up with what's happening with One Bad Son, check out there website at   You can catch their links and buy their tunes there!