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Thursday, 29 August 2013

North Til Dawn

I've often said I like my music like I like my liquor and men.....Hard!  Well, I gotta fucking get myself to Texas because they seem to have an abundance of all of the above.  This of course includes kick ass hard rockers North Til Dawn.

North Til Dawn blends the radio friendly sound of modern rock and kicks it up a notch with hard rock guitars and killer drum beats.  Lead singer, Blake McColloch has the perfect voice to drive this band to the top of the'll fucking happen, believe me!

Doesn't hurt that they're fucking sexy either....what can I say? ......I'm a sucker for a man with long hair! Go ahead, check em out.  Here's their official video for Separate.


I can't break these chains that bind us now....oops, caught me singing.   You can find more information about these hot Texans at  While your there, pick up their debut EP, just released in April of this won't be disappointed! Oh and North Til Dawn....feel free to chain me up anytime........ ; )

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