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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Turn to Page 9

I've said it before....Texas fucking rocks!  You all know I fell in love with hard Texan rockers such as Born & Raised and Awake in Theory and now on the lighter side I am lovin the punk pop sound coming out of Dallas.  If you like the stylings of Sum 41 or Blink 182 (like me) then I have a new number to introduce to you!

Page 9 is just another prime example of how diverse the Texas music scene is.  Based out of Dallas this band is made up of 4 self-described nerds - Josh, Linden, Kelsey and Nate.  You know what I like best about nerds?  They're smart.  For these four, making music is their business and their damn good at their business.  Their sound has a radio friendly quality that has the potential to be picked up by modern rock and rock radio stations on an international level.  When they hit the charts they won't be stopped!

Touring Texas, playing bars and music festivals is just a part of what they're busy doing to get there.  They are also currently in the process of releasing their new EP, The Serenity Chronicles.  Page 9 has grown as a band musically and personally during the making of this album - individually, they've gone through some tough shit - leading each of them to search for their own calm or "serenity".  They wanted to give fans - old and new - the opportunity to experience and grow with it as well, so they're releasing it in stages... or in "chronicles" so to speak, bonding the relationship they have with their fans that much more.  Like I  Give them a listen...and when the time comes that they do hit the charts, remember I told you so...... ; )

To hear and learn more about Page 9 check out their site at