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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Red Light Masters

Okay....y'all know I'm a hard rocker at heart, but that doesn't mean my tastes are exclusive to hard rock or metal.  You've seen me talk about country, blues and yes, even some dance music.  The genre I have not yet touched on is popular rock.  Truth is, I don't really listen to a lot of it.  In my opinion, it tends to be somewhat over-rated with it's bubblegum lyrics and dance routines.

That being said, I do have to tell you that some of it deserves the high rating it gets.  Take for instance Michael Jackson's Thriller album.  Yeah, you heard me....I owned it and I'm not ashamed to say it (anymore)!  That was a fucking killer album...and a pretty awesome video too (Thriller).  I like Justin Timberlake better since he left N'Sync, though I'm still a bigger fan of his acting and comedy career - have you seen him on SNL?  The dude is fucking funny!

And then there's the stuff that's under-rated.  I came across Canada's own Red Light Masters on twitter.  They tweeted me a song, and like em all, I took a listen.  Right away I was reminded of Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake!  And I fucking liked it!!  These guys are just as good as the pop kings mentioned....why isn't their song a number 1 hit yet?  Who the fuck knows.....?

One thing I do know is that the Red Light Masters are giving me a crazy kinda groove!  Here, check it out for yourself......


Kinda catches ya, doesn't it.....doesn't hurt it has some nice rock guitar too!  These guys have the potential to be more than a one hit wonder too, 'cause here's another....


The Red Light Masters have 3 songs for their album recorded and as they finish each song, they're sharing them with the world.  Head over to their facebook page at, give em a like and hold on...when the right person/people discover them, they're going straight to the top........ ; )

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