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Monday, 30 September 2013

October Sky - Fall Tour 2013

Well, it's official....we are definitely going to have to fucking change the name of month from October to Roctober!  I'll be seeing One Bad Son with Crash Karma on the 8th, Joe Satriani on the 19th, and now I hear October Sky is coming back to my neck of the woods on October 12th.

Last fall it was my one of my greatest pleasures to go to Vancouver to catch Montreal rockers October Sky live at Joe's Apartment.  Well, another fall has come and October Sky is back on the road.  They'll be at Joe's Apartment once again and I'm going to do my damnest to be there!

Lucky for Canada, Vancouver isn't their only stop.  In fact they've already started playing to packed audiences.  If you're fucking smart (and I know you are) and love great music (and I know you do) you will be in at least one of their audiences.

But then again, perhaps you're skeptical....perhaps you haven't heard of October Sky ....well, I don't know what fucking rock you've been living under but let me lift it up for you and show you the light. This is lead singer, Karl Raymond, performing an acoustic version of one of my favourite October Sky songs Prisoner of Nothing from their killer album The Aphotic Season.....


I think the reason I can really relate to this song is because I too am a prisoner of nothing......well except maybe booze, sex, cigarettes, caffeine, music......okay, maybe I fucking spoke to soon.......... ; )   

I highly recommend you check out October Sky when they roll into a town near you.  Here are their tour dates.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ezra Vancil

It's no secret that I love music that fucking assaults all my senses.  What some of you may not know is that I get off just as much on music that soothes.  I came across an artist very recently that fits that bill perfectly.

Ezra Vancil (Ezra Thomas) produces a sound that makes me feel like I'm in a beautiful warm lagoon. His music flows over me and envelopes me in soft waves. Yes, it definitely soothes my soul and yet at the same time it invigorates me.

Listening to Ezra inspires me to believe in some kind of higher power. There is something, I won't say heavenly because heaven in the traditional sense is not something I believe in, but not of this world, yet not alien either....that shines through him and lends strength to those us who lose ourselves in his songs.

Perhaps I'm getting sentimental, but I think we all like to rub ourselves against something soft and comforting every once in while.  Ezra gives me that something.  I'm curious as to whether he gives it to you as well.  Please give him a listen and let me know ......; )

(and more)

Visit Ezra's website at and catch all his links there.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Carpe Diem

There's nothing fucking better than a live rock show.  Watching a band you know and love strut their stuff and do their thing to a live audience.  The energy becomes a palpable thing, something that pounds at you from the inside, forcing you to react!  That has always been the way it's been for me every time I've seen Calgary rockers Kingdom of Few perform.

But alas....I left those sexy boys in Alberta last year when I moved my fine ass out to the west coast.  I've seen them post events about playing around the Calgary area and my heart has broken a little bit every time with the knowledge that I wasn't going to be able to catch one of their shows.  So...what's a girl to do...?

Well... besides creeping their facebook page and stalking them on twitter... you wait until they release a fucking kickass video!  Then, they're at your disposal...anytime you need a Kingdom of Few fix, they're just a click of the mouse away.  Well, rock fans....the wait is finally fucking over....and they're singing my own personal anthem!


Oh hell yeah!!  Cuz today, I'm living life my own way....don't let your life pass you by!  You tell em boys....words to fucking live by!  And holy shit, you're looking good!!  Curt, you've always been a sexy beast....Reno, hey baby, you fucking leave me in awe....John, you're looking buff as usual darlin...and is that really Alex Parks on bass lookin' all badass??  Made me look twice, sweetheart..... okay....three times!

Great fucking tune, great fucking video...only one problem....throwing my panties at the computer screen just isn't quite the same....sooooo, when are you coming to the west coast? .......... ; )

Subscribe to Kingdom of Few's channel at to catch all their vids!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Phil Brown

One of the greatest rewards I get from writing a music blog is being exposed to so many great new artists, hearing new music from highly talented new bands on the scene.  Every once in a while though, something extraordinary comes across my computer.... That happened to me this weekend when I heard Phil Brown for the first time and fell hopelessly in love.

Those of you who are into classic rock are going to love Phil Brown too.  When you hear his songs you'll find something familiar about them.  The reason for this is he's one of those artists that has been hiding behind the scenes for decades, writing songs for other artists.  Phil has had his songs cut by some of the most famous artists we seen over the decades.  Artists such as Pat Benatar, Cher, Ace Freely, Steve Perry, Kim Carnes and more...the worst part being, he didn't get writing credit for them.  Note to songwriters....don't give your talent away!!  Sure, it's super cool to hear your songs recorded, but man, take credit for them!!

So now, finally, Phil is coming out from behind the scenes, recording his own music.  His voice is seductive and smooth in a raspy, very manly sort of way, a definite turn on.  His lyrics are down to earth, something we can all relate to.  His guitar skills are out of this world!  Here's just a taste of what Phil Brown has to offer the world.  It's the video I came across that made me say wow!!


This video led me to listen to more by Phil and believe me....this man has it goin on!!  I think you'd probably agree that any fans of ZZ Top, Robbie Robertson, Bob Seger, or more recently The Dave Matthews Band are going to love Phil Brown.  And that ain't bad company to be in with..... ; )

For more videos by Phil Brown you have to check out his youtube channel at Just click on the link and it'll take you right to him.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Friday Night at Logan's Pub

It's been a while since I fucking tore it up, so I guess I was due.  Friday night, my new friend James Buhs - kickass front man for heavy fucking metal rockers Fatal Instinct came over to the island to scope some venue sites to play, so of course, I offered my wheels and my hospitality to hop around Victoria.

I had mentioned Logan's Pub on Cook Street to him previously, knowing that Carry the Storm (another fucking kickass metal band) had played there and had a great time.  Turns out, on the ferry ride over, he ran into another band heading over to the island to play, guess where - Logan's Pub!  Those guys turned out to be Cocaine Moustache, Vancouver's hard hitting party band.

So, off to Logan's Pub we went.  The night started off with Crown and Coke (doubles) and Fatal Instinct playing on the pub's P.A. system....great fucking start.  When they turned off the P.A. the Gnar Gnars took to the stage.  This band is just fucking fun...I can't think of a better way to describe them.  Their lyrics backed by a punk vibe poke fun at today's pop culture and had me laughing out loud.  They're brand new to the scene, so unfortunately I can't share any of their music for you as it's not posted online yet.  Let's hope they post something soon.  In the meantime, head over to their facebook page at and check out their posts.  Like I said....a lot of fucking fun!

Next on stage came The Drunken Superheroes.  I wasn't totally surprised to see the lead singer of the Gnar Gnars get behind the drum kit and play for The Drunken Superheroes....sharing musicians happens a lot with local bands.  This band is more hardcore but still a helluva lot of fun featuring Captain Blackout on vocals and guitar, Liverboy on vocals and bass, Stuperman on vocals and drums and of course it never hurts an image to have a cute blonde (Blunderwoman) on vocals and jumping around on stage.  Again...we have a brand new band that hasn't posted their tunes online, so again, if you'd like to hear their tunes - unless you get to a show you're shit out of luck (for now anyway).  Their facebook page can be found at  They haven't posted a fuck of a lot yet, but perhaps we can inspire them with a few more likes

Headlining the night was of course Cocaine Moustache.  As soon as they started to play, it was apparent through their talent and timing that these guys have some great experience behind them.  Taking hard rock, blues, punk, funk and hell yes, bluegrass, they mash it all together to create a brand new genre of music, let's just call it Stache Rock for lack of a better term.  Though they have some very serious musical talent, these guys don't take themselves too seriously either.  Their lyrics, much like their lifestyle reflect that it's all about having a good time.  And believe me, with these guys, their good time is fucking contagious! As it turns out, these guys do have an album out!  On The Mirror is available for purchase at Reversed Records Store at or on iTunes through the same website.  Hard copy or digital...the choice is yours!  You can also find Cocaine Moustache on facebook for more info and links at  And finally!  I can fucking share a tune with you!  Check out Cocaine Moustache.....


I had a fucking blast!  I felt a little sorry for James though, who is very serious about his music.  Fatal Instinct is reflective of the life and friends James has known.  If there is a living hell on Earth, James has lived through it and survived to write and express his experiences through his music.  I'm wagering his comfort zone is in a much darker place.  He was a great sport though, showed me a great time and took care of my drunken ass.  So, as much as I raise my glass to the guys in the bands having a fucking great time, I raise my glass to James Buhs of Fatal Instinct.  Metal guys are the fucking best.......... ; )

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Standstills

Canada fucking rocks!!  I know I'm starting to sound a bit repetitive, but every time I turn around, I'm hearing another fucking killer band from Canada!  Today it's Ontario rockers The Standstills!

Take one part grundge, add a dash of southern metal, mix in some country blues and a whole lot of kick ass and you have the perfect recipe for The Standstills latest album Pushing Electric!  Full of energy and pushing it out into the universe through dedicated musical talent, these rockers are a fucking hit with me and they will be with you too!

I caught this video and fell in love, check it out.....


The Standstills hail and wail from Oshawa, Ontario....and here I thought they only made cars there....hmmmm, first Detroit, then Oshawa....perhaps there's a connection.  Makes sense, really - innovation, creativity - why the fuck wouldn't they be connected.  Well, let's just suffice it to say that The Standstills are the best fucking thing to come out of Oshawa since the '69 Camero - and much like my favorite car, they're fast, powerful and sexy as hell!

You can access videos and tuneage from their website at along with news from the band and all their links.  I personally signed up for their newsletter as well....and subscribed to their youtube channel, liked em on facebook and follow them on twitter. Yep, it's fucking official, I'm a fucking stalker....... ; )

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Red Light Masters

Okay....y'all know I'm a hard rocker at heart, but that doesn't mean my tastes are exclusive to hard rock or metal.  You've seen me talk about country, blues and yes, even some dance music.  The genre I have not yet touched on is popular rock.  Truth is, I don't really listen to a lot of it.  In my opinion, it tends to be somewhat over-rated with it's bubblegum lyrics and dance routines.

That being said, I do have to tell you that some of it deserves the high rating it gets.  Take for instance Michael Jackson's Thriller album.  Yeah, you heard me....I owned it and I'm not ashamed to say it (anymore)!  That was a fucking killer album...and a pretty awesome video too (Thriller).  I like Justin Timberlake better since he left N'Sync, though I'm still a bigger fan of his acting and comedy career - have you seen him on SNL?  The dude is fucking funny!

And then there's the stuff that's under-rated.  I came across Canada's own Red Light Masters on twitter.  They tweeted me a song, and like em all, I took a listen.  Right away I was reminded of Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake!  And I fucking liked it!!  These guys are just as good as the pop kings mentioned....why isn't their song a number 1 hit yet?  Who the fuck knows.....?

One thing I do know is that the Red Light Masters are giving me a crazy kinda groove!  Here, check it out for yourself......


Kinda catches ya, doesn't it.....doesn't hurt it has some nice rock guitar too!  These guys have the potential to be more than a one hit wonder too, 'cause here's another....


The Red Light Masters have 3 songs for their album recorded and as they finish each song, they're sharing them with the world.  Head over to their facebook page at, give em a like and hold on...when the right person/people discover them, they're going straight to the top........ ; )

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fatal Instinct

Okay, I'm a little ashamed....I've slipped in my duties as Metal Goddess...I can't fucking believe that I have been missing out on the band I'm about to tell you about for a whole fucking year!!  And they're just across the strait from me!  Well, I have been redeemed because I'm now connected with and fucking blown away by Fatal Instinct, Heavy Fucking Metal rockers from Langley, British Columbia.

I've said it before, Canada rocks....and now it's rocking even fucking harder with Fatal Instinct on the scene! I took a listen this morning after making a connection on linkedIn with James Buhs, the power voice that fronts this fucking kick ass band and became an instant fan!  Fan...fuck that...follower, servant, slave....whatever you call it when you discover the deity that brings you to your knees in worship.

For those of you who are may want to cover up because these tunes are going to grab you by the fucking balls!  For more info on Fatal Instinct give their facebook page a visit at  Their experience and talent speaks for itself.  Just fucking listen and get ready to fucking rock....HARD!! Horns up bitches......... ; ) 


Monday, 16 September 2013

Shakedown Stockholm

I listen to a lot of online radio because I happen to love Indie music.  Due to the restrictions placed on traditional radio stations, they aren't able to put Indie music on their playlists.  But if you look around or should I say, listen around a bit, every once in a while you'll come across a traditional radio show segment that features some of the best Indie music from around the world.

I happened across one of those segments some time ago and you can be guaranteed I'll be tuned into 106.9 The Wolf, Nanaimo's best rock, Sunday evenings at six to catch Mike Lang and his segment "Fresh Tracks".  And that's where I heard Shakedown Stockholm for the first time!

I have a special affinity for twins...what can I say?  I gave birth to a set myself.  My boys are musicians and I couldn't help but notice that when they played together they had a natural timing with each other, playing to and off of each other.  That chemistry is apparent in Shakedown Stockholm as well.  Well, perhaps the reason for that is that this band happens to have 2 sets of twins!

This female fronted band from the UK is fucking killing it! On first listen, if you didn't know there are two singers, you'd swear the vocals are digitally layered by a gifted mixer and producer.  Fronted by 23 year old sisters Joanna and Davina, these beautiful women have a natural, melodic timing with each other that perhaps we haven't heard since sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart took the world by storm.

On top of that, they have another set of twins, brothers Danny and Ryan on guitar and drums respectively.  Completing the circle and filling the sound is Harlow on lead guitar and Hilly on bass.  Together this band has created a fucking kick ass sound that rockers will fucking love!  I am definitely a fan!  But as usual, I don't expect you to take my word for take a listen for yourself....


And just because once isn't enough with these rockers, here's another.....


Check out their soundcloud page for more at, follow them on twitter at @ShakedownSTHLM and like their facebook page at  Personally, I'm stalking them on all three........... ; )

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Stabilo understands...

Okay.... I don't normally do this.... discuss my personal life on my blog, but I've had an experience lately that not only do I need to get off my chest before it smothers me, but also because I'd like to give a little advice on it.

Last year I started a relationship with a man.  I told him right off the bat that I wasn't interested in anything serious.  I had just come out of a long term marriage and was quite enjoying my independence and freedom.  I also told him if he was interested in a "friends with benefits" relationship I was certainly game.  He seemed pretty game for that as well, so I assumed we were on the same page.  I also encouraged him to see other women...y'know to keep his options open.

Over the months I could see his feelings were developing into something deeper, more serious.  So, being the honest, open person I am, I reiterated and made it clear that we didn't have a future that would be more than "just friends".  I suggested that maybe we should stop seeing each other before he got hurt.  He assured me he understood where I was coming from and that he was a big boy, fully capable of handling the situation and if he ended up being hurt, he could deal with it.

After ten months I noticed he was no longer in the same book, let alone the same page.  He was seeing a future that involved us being together, living happily ever after, picket fence and all.  A future that I didn't want, so I ended it.  He was a sweet man who was always good to me and I hoped that maybe we could still be friends, sans the benefits, but friends just the same.  After all, we were two adults who liked each other.  I was willing to keep the bridge least for light foot traffic if nothing heavier.

Well, that was a fucking pipe dream! Not only did he burn the bridge, he rigged it with C4 and blew the fuck out of that sucker! I have received several hateful texts from him.  He accuses me of using him.  Did I?  I was with him for companionship and, but I'm pretty sure I gave that back to him in spades, so did I use him?  No, I don't think so.  He calls me slut, though I didn't sleep around on him and have pretty much been laying low since our break up two months ago.  He calls me a hateful bitch, though I was always honest with him. comes the advice.  If you're in a "friends with benefits" relationship with an honest person, listen to what they say to you.  If by chance they tell you it's not forever, believe them and either get out of it or enjoy it while it lasts.  Don't ruin the good memories that you have with that person by replacing your love with hate.  Hate will destroy us all.  Keep your dignity. The pain will always does when we let go of it....I promise.  If there is the chance to keep a friend, do it.  'Cause as in the wise words of Stabilo ....doesn't everybody wish they had just one more friend?


I know I do.  I'm finding comfort in this song today.  I hope you do too, no matter what side of the broken heart you're on.  Love and peace friends........... ; )

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Platinum Blonde

Who remembers Platinum Blonde?  I do, I do!!  Back in the eighties they represented Canadian glam rock and were a huge hit....definitely in Canada, but also breaking ground in the U.S. and Europe, releasing hit after hit.  Well guess what?  Our boys are all fucking grown up and still making music.

After a long hiatus of doing their own individual thing they have come back together and released a new album - Now & Never.  I have to admit I admire the fact that they've decided to make more original music.  So many bands from the seventies and eighties seem to be quite content with touring clubs and playing their same hits from yesteryear over and over and over.....well, you get my point. Not that that's a bad thing....but man, give me something fucking new to listen to!

Platinum Blonde has come through for me!  Proving they still have what it takes to produce great music, here is their first single from Now & Never, this is Beautiful.....


Reminiscent of their old sound yet infused with a modern edge, I am fucking loving this!  And oh my fucking god - they are still fucking hot!! Platinum Blonde is on tour this year promoting their new sound. Visit their website at to get tour dates and check out their music...old and new.  As for me, after watching that video, I have to go take a cold shower........ ; )

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Alex Ryder

In case you haven't noticed, Canadian chicks are smart, beautiful and badass!  Though I may possess those qualities, it's not me I want to draw your attention too.  I need to introduce you to Alex Ryder because not only does she possess every one of those qualities, she fucking rocks as well!

Hailing from our nation's capital, Ottawa, Alex is a capital talent. Yeah, I may not be proud of everything that happens in Ottawa (politically speaking), but due to talents like Alex, I can stand proud and say Canada fucking rocks!  She represents everything that's great about the great country I live, intelligence and yeah, super nice (and I'm not just fucking talking about on the eyes fella's, though as you will see, she's that too)!

Released in 2011, this is the title track from her CD Won't You Listen.....


For more information about Alex drop into her website at  And if that's still not enough to get your rock on, she just happens to be the featured guest this week on the popular online radio show The Ray and Joe Show with Joe Calautti - hi Joe (schoolgirl giggles) - and Ray Viola, broadcasting on several online radio stations!  You can also catch it on demand at  Ray and Joe are fucking hilarious and they play the best independent music out there today including Alex Ryder.  You know I'll be listening.....and I'm not just fucking saying that because I have a huge crush on Joe....... ; )

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Billy Lee

Okay kids.... it's time to go old school.  I've had some great blues lately in the Litter Box - I think it's 'bout fucking time we added some rhythm to those blues.  Ladies grab your man and take him your arms, sway with him while my friend Billy Lee sings to you.

I don't know what it is about fucking New Jersey, but man they produce good musicians they spike the fucking water?  Billy Lee started by singing in church as a youngster in New Jersey and god must have liked what he heard because he certainly bestowed the gift of music in Billy.  Always a showman he joined up with his brother and two friends, started a cappella gospel group and started touring ( was churches in the Tri-State area, but it was still a tour!).

He's had the opportunity to work with many fine and popular rhythm and blues musicians over the years and has certainly honed his craft.  Here, take a listen to Driving Me Wild.....


Billy, you fucking drive me wild!  And he doesn't stop there....Billy gets the Funk out too.  Stop by his webpage at and take a stroll through Soulsville.  You'll find his videos and music there.

Now, if the ladies took my advice, grabbed their man and danced to my man Billy, well....let's just say they've probably stopped reading and are getting down in a whole other way!  Oh yeah, mama!!  Maybe we should give them some privacy........ ; )

Monday, 9 September 2013

Closed For Repairs

Don't let the title of this post fool you....the Litter Box is definitely not closed for repairs.  In fact it's fucking rockin out! Last week I wrote about The Distributors, a group of kids that are tearing up the blues scene.  This week I have more youth rockin like they've been doing it for years.

Closed For Repairs is a hot new band out of Nebraska.  Yeah that's right - Nebraska...who fucking knew?  Much like The Distributors, Closed For Repairs have managed to invoke the spirit of their idols and shape it into a sound that is all their own.

Just caught this video this morning and HAD to share it with you!


Pay close attention to these musicians....if they're rocking out like this now, you know they're gonna be fucking rockin the airwaves in the near future! Find them on facebook at and hit em up with a like.  Keep the rock coming kids, you're fucking killin it .......... ;)

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Okay rockers....I'm gonna have to apologize right away.  As many of you know when I get excited I tend to use a lot of profanity, so if you're sensitive to harsh language, I suggest you may not want to read this particular post.  But first click on the fucking music video because the band I'm featuring today fucking rocks!!!

Screamlyne is a hard rocking modern rock band out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Now I used to live in Saskatoon and it NEVER fucking rocked this hard when I lived there.  As a matter of fact, I was reduced to listening to my old fucking CDs over and over again because at that time there wasn't even a fucking decent radio station to listen to.  Well, since then, Saskatoon has churned out at least two fucking great, talented, rock you right out of your panties rock bands.  One Bad Son and now Screamlyne!

Here you gotta fucking check em out!  This is their official video for Here I Stand.....


Lucky fucking S'tooners will be able to check out both these bands live October 13, 2013 at the Odeon when they open for Crash Karma!  I'll be at Crash Karma's Vancouver show on October 8th to finally see one of my favorite rock bands, One Bad Son, but sadly Screamlyne won't be at that show.  

Oh well, judging from the talent that's so blatantly obvious in this video, it won't be fucking long until they're touring Canada. And you KNOW I'm gonna be at that fucking show!  Hmmmm, I wonder if they're into older women......... ; )

Visit Screamlyne and give em a like on their facebook page at 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Distributors

Who's says today's youth are lazy?  Well, if you think that, then wake the fuck up because I'm about to introduce you to three young people that are working very hard to realize their dream!  The Distributors are a cool trio out of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada that are making music fans stand up and take notice.

Don't let their age fool you!  Kaylie (bass and vocals), Brett (guitar and vocals) and Austin (drums and keeper of the beat) are old souls.  These young talents have artistically blended the sounds of their idols and musical influences with a modern blues sound to make something completely new and original!

I am thrilled to share their sound with you.....check it out!


Not only do these young uns have talent....they also have a sense a community.  They often play charity events because - get this - they like the thought of helping those in need!  But you know what the best fucking part is?  They're local!  I can't wait to check out one of their shows! Having received rave reviews at Nanaimo's recent blues festival, I know I won't be disappointed!

Thank you Mike Lang (twitter's @TheeMikeLang and my favorite DJ at my favorite local radio station, 106.9 The Wolf) for tweeting me these great young musicians....and for playing them on Fresh Tracks!  I have a sneaking suspicion that you and the station will be playing more and more of The Distributors in the years to come......... ; )

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

John D'Amato

Well, it's raining outside and I guess I could bitch and moan about it, but I think I'd rather drown my rainy day blues with the cool, soothing rhythms from killer Bluesman John D'Amato.

This song seems particularly fitting for this rainy Tuesday.....


I'm not sure what it is about a blues guitar riff that makes me feel the way I do.  It gets inside me - you know?  While listening to John D'Amato I feel it start with a heat in my belly, then a pulling in my chest as if my heart wants to escape the confines of skin and bone to get out and dance.  I try to placate it by swinging and swaying to the music it so loves.  So far it seems to heart hasn't quite burst out of my chest....though it is pounding, seemingly keeping time with the music.

I learned about John and his band from good friend Rick Perry (aka Bounce the Cat).  As it happens he manages this kick ass bluesman.  Leave it to Bounce to have the great taste and style to recognize this incredible talent.  

Check out his website to catch information on shows here ...and if there isn't a show near you, he also has live videos posted on the site as well.  

Bring it on rain - I don't fucking care - I'm still happy.  Oh and John, thanks for adding some warmth to my rainy Tuesday....watching your fingers fly over those guitar strings makes me wonder what other talents those fingers might have.......... ; )