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Thursday, 5 September 2013


Okay rockers....I'm gonna have to apologize right away.  As many of you know when I get excited I tend to use a lot of profanity, so if you're sensitive to harsh language, I suggest you may not want to read this particular post.  But first click on the fucking music video because the band I'm featuring today fucking rocks!!!

Screamlyne is a hard rocking modern rock band out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Now I used to live in Saskatoon and it NEVER fucking rocked this hard when I lived there.  As a matter of fact, I was reduced to listening to my old fucking CDs over and over again because at that time there wasn't even a fucking decent radio station to listen to.  Well, since then, Saskatoon has churned out at least two fucking great, talented, rock you right out of your panties rock bands.  One Bad Son and now Screamlyne!

Here you gotta fucking check em out!  This is their official video for Here I Stand.....


Lucky fucking S'tooners will be able to check out both these bands live October 13, 2013 at the Odeon when they open for Crash Karma!  I'll be at Crash Karma's Vancouver show on October 8th to finally see one of my favorite rock bands, One Bad Son, but sadly Screamlyne won't be at that show.  

Oh well, judging from the talent that's so blatantly obvious in this video, it won't be fucking long until they're touring Canada. And you KNOW I'm gonna be at that fucking show!  Hmmmm, I wonder if they're into older women......... ; )

Visit Screamlyne and give em a like on their facebook page at 


  1. =^..^= you don't have to apologize for nuttin' baby...

    <3 ya the way u r!