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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Phil Brown

One of the greatest rewards I get from writing a music blog is being exposed to so many great new artists, hearing new music from highly talented new bands on the scene.  Every once in a while though, something extraordinary comes across my computer.... That happened to me this weekend when I heard Phil Brown for the first time and fell hopelessly in love.

Those of you who are into classic rock are going to love Phil Brown too.  When you hear his songs you'll find something familiar about them.  The reason for this is he's one of those artists that has been hiding behind the scenes for decades, writing songs for other artists.  Phil has had his songs cut by some of the most famous artists we seen over the decades.  Artists such as Pat Benatar, Cher, Ace Freely, Steve Perry, Kim Carnes and more...the worst part being, he didn't get writing credit for them.  Note to songwriters....don't give your talent away!!  Sure, it's super cool to hear your songs recorded, but man, take credit for them!!

So now, finally, Phil is coming out from behind the scenes, recording his own music.  His voice is seductive and smooth in a raspy, very manly sort of way, a definite turn on.  His lyrics are down to earth, something we can all relate to.  His guitar skills are out of this world!  Here's just a taste of what Phil Brown has to offer the world.  It's the video I came across that made me say wow!!


This video led me to listen to more by Phil and believe me....this man has it goin on!!  I think you'd probably agree that any fans of ZZ Top, Robbie Robertson, Bob Seger, or more recently The Dave Matthews Band are going to love Phil Brown.  And that ain't bad company to be in with..... ; )

For more videos by Phil Brown you have to check out his youtube channel at Just click on the link and it'll take you right to him.

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