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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Carpe Diem

There's nothing fucking better than a live rock show.  Watching a band you know and love strut their stuff and do their thing to a live audience.  The energy becomes a palpable thing, something that pounds at you from the inside, forcing you to react!  That has always been the way it's been for me every time I've seen Calgary rockers Kingdom of Few perform.

But alas....I left those sexy boys in Alberta last year when I moved my fine ass out to the west coast.  I've seen them post events about playing around the Calgary area and my heart has broken a little bit every time with the knowledge that I wasn't going to be able to catch one of their shows.  So...what's a girl to do...?

Well... besides creeping their facebook page and stalking them on twitter... you wait until they release a fucking kickass video!  Then, they're at your disposal...anytime you need a Kingdom of Few fix, they're just a click of the mouse away.  Well, rock fans....the wait is finally fucking over....and they're singing my own personal anthem!


Oh hell yeah!!  Cuz today, I'm living life my own way....don't let your life pass you by!  You tell em boys....words to fucking live by!  And holy shit, you're looking good!!  Curt, you've always been a sexy beast....Reno, hey baby, you fucking leave me in awe....John, you're looking buff as usual darlin...and is that really Alex Parks on bass lookin' all badass??  Made me look twice, sweetheart..... okay....three times!

Great fucking tune, great fucking video...only one problem....throwing my panties at the computer screen just isn't quite the same....sooooo, when are you coming to the west coast? .......... ; )

Subscribe to Kingdom of Few's channel at to catch all their vids!

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