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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Billy Lee

Okay kids.... it's time to go old school.  I've had some great blues lately in the Litter Box - I think it's 'bout fucking time we added some rhythm to those blues.  Ladies grab your man and take him your arms, sway with him while my friend Billy Lee sings to you.

I don't know what it is about fucking New Jersey, but man they produce good musicians they spike the fucking water?  Billy Lee started by singing in church as a youngster in New Jersey and god must have liked what he heard because he certainly bestowed the gift of music in Billy.  Always a showman he joined up with his brother and two friends, started a cappella gospel group and started touring ( was churches in the Tri-State area, but it was still a tour!).

He's had the opportunity to work with many fine and popular rhythm and blues musicians over the years and has certainly honed his craft.  Here, take a listen to Driving Me Wild.....


Billy, you fucking drive me wild!  And he doesn't stop there....Billy gets the Funk out too.  Stop by his webpage at and take a stroll through Soulsville.  You'll find his videos and music there.

Now, if the ladies took my advice, grabbed their man and danced to my man Billy, well....let's just say they've probably stopped reading and are getting down in a whole other way!  Oh yeah, mama!!  Maybe we should give them some privacy........ ; )

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  1. By the way....Billy is enjoying the Florida sunshine these days, so if you're in the sunshine state, try and catch a show!