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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Retribution Blues

The first song I ever heard by One Bad Son was Retribution Blues.  It was part of a three song EP they released, oh man, has to be at least two years ago now.  I fell in love with the song, with One Bad Son and had to have everything they recorded.  So of course I bought it all.

At that time they had two full albums under their belts....Orange City and This Aggression Will Not Stand and of course they were both fucking amazing.  I'm still a huge fan of One Bad Son....those of you who read this blog regularly or follow me on twitter, or am my friend on facebook know this already.  I'm am so happy that the band is seeing the success they deserve with the release of their latest self titled album.  Singles such as Scarecrows and It Ain't Right have been getting serious radio play.

Their third single off the album, Retribution Blues...yeah, that's right, they re-released it on this album.... is now one of the most requested songs on many radio stations around the country.  One Bad Son has just released the video for this fucking awesome song, so I just have to share it with you!


If you weren't a fan before, I know you are now.....well, that is if you're not fucking crazy and don't have very poor taste in music....... ; )

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I don't know what Timberlake was thinking but I'm thinking NG26 from the UK is bringing sexy back to rock and roll in a big fucking way!  These hard rockers have what it takes and have been making huge waves across the pond.

NG26 is made up of  two sets of brothers who I have to admit have got me a little excited - they are fucking sexy as hell.  And the sexy doesn't end there!  Their brand of  hard rock  is full of edgy riffs and drum rhythms that prove every rock band needs a fucking drummer!  Oh yeah baby....they definitely get my heart (and hips) going!  NG26 are rock and roll personified and they're out to prove it.  Take a listen for yourself....


Currently signed by Holier Than Thou Records they already have an EP (The Devils Kiss) and full album (Open Your Mind) under their belts......hmmmm, I wonder what else they have under their belts......... ; )

I'm not the only one talking about these boys.  Check out other reviews and more music here >

Monday, 11 November 2013

Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day or Armistice Day is a day in which Commonwealth countries, since the end of World War I, set aside to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.  In Canada, November 11th is the date of remembrance for the men and women who serve and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace.

At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month a hush will fall over our nation as we take two minutes of silence to honour and remember those who sacrifice their lives for the freedom of rights of all people, not just for those in our great nation but for those who are oppressed all over the world.

Today the Canadian Armed Forces are well known around the world as "peacekeepers".  This means we don't heavily arm our forces to go blow up the enemy, but we send them out in times of conflict to keep others from blowing each other up until a resolution of peace can be found.  Some find our forces to be a joke, I personally find them to be honourable and I admire what they do and the manner in which they do it.  It's just one more reason I am so proud to be Canadian.

So today at 11:00 am I'll dedicate two minutes of my life to those I admire so much, the soldiers and the peacekeepers, and in the meantime I can't think of a more fitting song to dedicate to those I will be thinking of for those two minutes.  This is The Trews and their song Highway of Heroes.....


Lest we forget.  .................. ; )

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Go Primitive

Okay....I came across a band this morning from the UK.  Their name Go Primitive caught my attention right away...seriously, what rock and roll fan doesn't get in touch with their baser instincts when they listen to the music they love.  And if that weren't fucking enough, they describe their music like The Used and the Foo Fighters having a fight!  You know I gotta listen to that shit!

Sooooo, I hopped on over to their website at and clicked on their youtube link.  What I found was a video for their official video for their single Fever Inside.  Not only does Go Primitive fucking rock but they also have great imaginations.   I was immediately entertained by their fucking awesome music and their "dream sequence" video.  For a girl like me who's favorite things in this world is rockin out, the macabre and a sense of humor, these guys are the answer to all my dreams!


I had a hard time picking a favorite character in this video, but I finally settled on Buphy the vampire slayer....what can I say?  I have a soft spot for pretty blondes. recommendation for today is to check out my latest dreamboats - Go Primitive!  By the way, their music sounds like The Used and the Foo Fighters having a fight.......... ; )  

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Glorious Sons

What would we do without friends?  I don't fucking know and I don't want to find out.  One particular friend of mine has a great ear for music and when he finds something outstanding, he'll give me a heads-up.  His name is Roy Galpin and he's a music promoter.  He turned me on to the Screaming Eagles and more recently (this weekend, as a matter of fact) he turned me on to The Glorious Sons!

The Glorious Sons are a cool fucking rock band out of Kingston, Ontario.  They're relatively new, yet are already catching attention across Canada and getting fucking radio air!! Here, take a listen and you'll understand why.....


And wouldn't you fucking know it....Roy turns me onto this song on Saturday, then on Sunday I hear their new track, White Noise, on Fresh Tracks on 106.9 The Wolf with Mike Lang!  Mike's show is another great place to hear new music and I do my best every week not to miss it!  This was just another example of why not!

Right now The Glorious Sons are touring Canada, opening for Vancouver's Head of the Herd (a cool fucking modern rock band).  Visit The Glorious Sons' tour page at to find out when they're coming to your town.  They'll be at the Venue in Vancouver on November 30th......hmmmmmmm.....looks like I'll be taking another trip to the mainland........ ; )

Monday, 4 November 2013


Okay boys and girls, if you're into Industrial Rock, I have a fucking cool treat for you today in the Litter Box.  Yesterday, I happened to be going through my facebook messages when I came across one from Orlando Draven, the very sexy and very talented front man of Zeistencroix, inviting me to check out their new video for their single Stranger.

I can't fucking stop watching it!  I'm fucking hooked on this band out of Los Angeles, California.  Zeistencroix is made up of Draven on vocals and guitar (Orlando also is the songwriter), Jack Akopan on guitars, and Jean Corredor on bass.  They have drums on the track but no drummer listed as a member, so I have to assume they borrow a drummer for recording and performing.  Added synths and electronics give their sound that industrial groove!  Here, take a listen....


This song affected me on a personal level too.  I found it compelling, sexy and very fucking scary! It's no secret I spend a lot of time online chatting with "Strangers" and one has to consider the consequences of who might be sitting on the other side of the keyboard.  There's a lot of fucking weirdos out there.  I know, because I've chatted with a few of them!  I'm not talking about you though of course........ ; )

I can't fucking wait for Zeistencroix to release more.  Keep up with them with me by checking in on their website at, liking their facebook page at and following them on twitter at

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Free Music Library from Killed the Fixtion

If you are a member of the Killed the Fixtion family (like me) you've already received the Killed the Fixtion music library for absolutely zero fucking dollars.  What an incredible way for these guys to show their fans they love them.  But the love doesn't stop there - no fucking way - because even if you've never heard of Killed the Fixtion they still want to give YOU their entire music library for FUCKING FREE!

Like most musicians, Killed the Fixtion just want their music heard.  So they set up a date to blast the world with their tunes and as luck would have it, that date is today!  As a loyal fan, I'll take the music they have to share and share it with all of you! Here's the link.....


You can download the songs one at a time, download them all to your dropbox, or download the entire folder as a zip file.....either way, you'll be fucking rockin out in mere minutes.  

These guys never cease to amaze me with their talent and diversity and I'm confident you're gonna love Killed the Fixtion as much as I do.  They promise, they deliver, they kick some fucking serious ass............ ; )

Visit Killed the Fixtion on their website at can catch all their links to stay connected there as well!