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Monday, 9 September 2013

Closed For Repairs

Don't let the title of this post fool you....the Litter Box is definitely not closed for repairs.  In fact it's fucking rockin out! Last week I wrote about The Distributors, a group of kids that are tearing up the blues scene.  This week I have more youth rockin like they've been doing it for years.

Closed For Repairs is a hot new band out of Nebraska.  Yeah that's right - Nebraska...who fucking knew?  Much like The Distributors, Closed For Repairs have managed to invoke the spirit of their idols and shape it into a sound that is all their own.

Just caught this video this morning and HAD to share it with you!


Pay close attention to these musicians....if they're rocking out like this now, you know they're gonna be fucking rockin the airwaves in the near future! Find them on facebook at and hit em up with a like.  Keep the rock coming kids, you're fucking killin it .......... ;)


  1. This is an awesome high school band that writes their own music and lyrics. They have an album they recorded. It can be found at You can download it for free by typing $0.00, or if you want to donate you can.

  2. This awesome group has been going at it for a little over a year and all of them met at a program called Academy of Rock which teaches kids how to write and play music. They are all great guys to hang with and are just killing it with their talent. Look for this group to be one of the major players in music someday soon.
    Chris "Boo" Booe
    Former radio personality-Metal X Radio.

  3. Well! It would appear I'm not the only one who recognizes these kids as a great talent ;)

  4. This is Alex the Guitarist; thanks for sharing this! Means a lot to us!

  5. Drove down from Minnesota to see them live and was well worth the trip - Very talented group - Looking forward to the big stage for them

  6. Hey Alex! Nice to meet you! Keep Rockin!'re obviously a man of great taste!

  7. Kat check out Killed The Fiction - another great talent from Jersey

    1. Oh darlin...I'm way ahead of you...I've loved Killed the Fixtion since Pulse. I wrote this one in Jan of 2012 >