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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Baby, You Can Ring My Bell

I like to flirt.  It's fun. It makes me laugh and it gets me hot.  I especially like to flirt with sweet men who are clever, have a sense of humor and a dirty mind.  The best is when you don't actually come right out and say anything naughty, just imply it through innuendo.  I found I can play this fun filled game online with a number of sweet, humorous, dirty minded men. It's fun, it's harmless and the greatest part about playing online is, if there happens to be a Mrs. SweetCleverFunnyMan I can honestly say, "I never fucking touched him."
One of my favorites to play this game with is Paul Quigley. To twitter followers he is known as @HellsBelles_UK and is the front man for the band HellsBelles.  At this very moment I can hear stoners all across North America saying, "No way man, that chick's a dude?"  No I am not talking about the all chick AC/DC cover band.  I'm speaking of the Hell's Belles that rocked the United Kingdom in the 80's and was resurrected by Paul as HellsBelles in 2004. So, not only is he sweet, clever and humorous, he's a musician as well!  And anybody who knows anything about me knows that's only fuel for the fire! ....hehehe.
Now I could go on and talk about how fun Paul is to match wits with online but I want to let you know all about his band.  Hell's Belles was known as a cutting edge and powerful metal band in 1986, singles from their only album making it onto many rock compilation albums.  The band originally consisted of
  • Paul Quigley - vocals
  • Peter "Pooch" Purtill - guitar
  • Garry Maloney - drums
  • Gareth Holder - bass
At the time their sound was very new, mixing heavy metal with punk...their punk influence coming from Pooch and Garry Maloney, both former members of British hardcore punk band Discharge.  This genre would shortly thereafter expand to include heavy hitters such as Metallica.  Garry Maloney was replaced shortly after the bands inception by drummer Anthony 'Spiv' Smith, opting to return to his former band.  Although Hell's Belles were seeing some success, the band dissolved in 1987.
Paul missed rock n roll but didn't miss the fucking bullshit that comes with dealing with record labels.  When he decided to bring the band back to life, he also decided he would forgo the bullshit and promote their music himself.  Working as an independent the new HellsBelles has spent the last 5 years writing, recording and promoting themselves online through social media such as youtube, facebook and twitter.  The new HellsBelles, once again led by Paul consists of
  • Paul Quigley - vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Ste Steadman - bass, cello, guitar
  • Barry Titler - drums, percussion
Using the same formula as the original band, in fact using the original rock n roll music formula of there aren't any fucking rules in rock n roll, anything goes, the new HellsBelles blend their influences together to create a new beast.  Let's face it...they have a fucking many metal/hard rock bands have a fucking cello?  You can check out the two songs HellsBelles has released for promotional promotional purposes while they continue to record their album.  (Why did they kill) Joe Hill is a perfect example of breaking the rules.  This acoustic ballad easily crosses over into easy listening and country.

Then hold on to your hats boys and girls because Abysinnian Demesne is full on hard rock, yeah baby!

The boys are in the studio now, recording and are set to release their third track Troubled Times in April 2012.  Then the ball starts rolling quickly...or the rolling stone, whichever metaphor works better for you...with the release of their EP  (3 or 4 tracks) due in May 2012 and a full album release slotted for June or July 2012!
I personally can't wait to hear what else HellsBelles has in store for us.  In the meantime though, I will continue my online discussions with Paul concerning the Keyboard Killer and Frothy Creamy Coffee and wait for their Tour Bus to show up for their North American Tour......; )

More information on HellsBelles here:
HellsBelles official website

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Gift I Want Most

The hardest blogs for me to write are the ones about the people I love the most.  No words seem sufficient enough to describe their awesomeness.  This is the second blog I've agonized over for a group of guys that I absolutely love!  Beside the fact that I have a huge crush on every fucking member of the band....I can't get enough of their music either.  The band is Gift of Destiny and the music is Metal, Punk, Hard Rock and now Funk....hell yeah, that's right baby, Gift of Destiny got da Funk!! 
I first heard of Gift of Destiny late last summer....I was creeping their website, and discovered a free download of Raise Some Hell - a single off their first album Throttle...hey wait....I wrote all this before...if you don't know Gift of Destiny or how much I fucking loved their first album please refer to my earlier blog  Oh My G.O.D. 
Gift of Destiny consists of Los - Vocals, Mikey - Guitars, Keyboards and Backing Vocals, B-Low - Bass and Jake - Drums and Backing Vocals.  I have nothing but the utmost admiration and respect for these guys musically!  They fucking rocked my world with their first album and now hmmm mmmm, they have released the Wednesday Sessions, 3 new songs that turn me on just as much!
Gift of Destiny is the kind of band that can appeal to almost everybody.  As mentioned above, they blend a number of different styles into a sound that is uniquely their own.  They are always going to be surrounded by women.  From my own point of view, they have an exciting sound that touches the most primal senses in me.  And I don't mean that tweenie "I wish he would kiss me" kinda feeling....seriously, every time I listen to them, I want to fuck someone.   I'm not talkin "Oooo baby, make love to me" either...I mean "Fuck baby, strip me down, pin me against the wall and take me!"
The hard driving rock of CIA is a perfect example of that....those beats, Jake...damn darlin, such energy! and in perfect rhythm!  Makes me wonder if that talent extends into other uh, more interactive activities!  Sing to me, Carlos, hmm mmm, I love the way your voice feels as it moves over me!  Very hot baby!  Oh, and then there's the guitar....oh my G.O.D!  Mikey, please baby...for just one night I want you to pretend I'm your guitar....ahem.....okay, maybe I shouldn't be listening as I write.  I don't know what it is about politically charged songs that turn me on so much....
Their sound will also appeal to young men.  Carlos has possession of rough heavy growling vocals that are  right in line with today's heavy metal style.  The Punk/Metal of This Is The Time is perfect for the mosh pit!  And the lyrics are just the right combination of angry and depressing to be appreciated by young males aged 15 - 30.  Having sons with whom this style of music does appeal to, I've developed an appreciation for it myself.  Good job, Gift of Destiny!
Well, I said they appeal to all kinds of rock and metal fans, so let's not leave out those who prefer the classics.  And yeah, I fall into that group as well.  I can't tell you how fucking excited I get when I hear these guys put their spin on Play that Funky Music.  Staying true to the original sound and rhythm....yeah, they kept the funk!!.....yet putting that metal Gift of Destiny stamp on it that makes it their song.  I seriously can't listen to this song and write at the same time.  When I hear it, I have to get up and dance...or boogie.....either way, I gotta move!
The boys are releasing these small sets of songs as they go...another one of the difficulties of being a small independent artist...recording time costs money.  So help them make more music by purchasing the music they have out there.  I urge you to buy Throttle and these 3 Wednesday Sessions songs they have just released.  Metal chicks...they'll fucking turn you on, I swear!  Metal'll love the fucking energy and vocals, really!  Rock fans...driving beats and fucking killer riffs...need I say more?  And for those to whom it doesn't appeal to at all...if you and I are on a date and you put on some Gift of Destiny, chances just increased ten fold that you are getting laid! 
Music and musicians do turn me on.  Gift of Destiny, the music and the men, do more than that for me.  They take me there...again...and again.........; )

Here's their links:
Gift of Destiny official website
Gift of Destiny on myspace
Gift of Destiny on reverbnation
Buy Throttle on cd baby
Buy Throttle and Wednesday Sessions on iTunes
Gift of Destiny on twitter
Gift of Destiny on facebook

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Support Kick Ass Music

Hi Everyone...It's Saturday, and Saturday is when I'm supposed to have a new blog post here!  Guess what?  I'm still fucking working on it!  So hopefully within a day or two I will have an awesome review done for some very good friends who happen to fucking rock my world!!
Feel free to take this opportunity to look over some of my archives....really good stuff in there.  Take your time and be sure to check out all the links I left for you throughout these articles.  Or......
Check out the review I posted at Support Kick Ass MusicCupla is a new rockin alternative rock band out of Vancouver, BC and I fucking love them! Follow the link and find out how much.  There are a lot of great articles, videos and links at Support Kick Ass Music too, so browse around, check them out!
Have fun, take care and don't forget to drop back for that fucking awesome review that I will have posted soon.......; )

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dallas is Worth the Green

On January 24, The Low Anthem opened for City and Colour at the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre in Medicine Hat Alberta and I was lucky enough to be there.  Lucky because not only was it a fucking incredible concert, but also because I won 2 tickets to the show.  That's right, Lethbridge's radio Rock 106.7 came through for me again.  Thanks again Vince and Rosie!  I don't care what anyone else guys rock!!
This free show ended up costing $215! And it was worth every fucking penny!  Let me explain...
Way back in November it was announced that City and Colour would be playing the Esplanade in Medicine Hat.  Our local Lethbridge rock radio station Rock 106, was "beating the box-office."  I happened to be the right caller so to win tickets I had to name four colours that begin with a vowel.  Well, with a little help from DJ's Vince and Rosie I won the tickets! - the guys didn't give me the answers, just hints....hey it's hard, you try it.
I was very excited to go.  The Esplanade is a playhouse and therefore has theater seating, complete with an upper balcony.  Now, if you've been reading me for awhile, you'll know how much I hate the thought of sitting through a concert!  Not so for this concert or venue.  City and Colour is more music you sway to than dance to and the acoustics in the Esplanade are fucking incredible!  In fact I believe that one or two of the songs on Chris Cornell's Songbook album were recorded live at the Esplanade. So for an acoustic, poetic band like City and Colour this venue is perfect.
I couldn't wait to tell my friend, Rachel, that I had won tickets!  She had been at the Esplanade for Chris Cornell...front row center no less.  I also knew she loved City and Colour and she would be excited for me.  My tickets were in the 10th row on the main level.  Not that you can get bad seats at the Esplanade but I thought they were pretty damn good!
She was excited for me, then she told me she had bought over bought tickets for the same concert.  She had purchased 2 second row tickets and then discovered first row tickets were available, so she picked those up, hoping to sell her second row tickets. Considering I had won two tickets, I was planning on taking my son, Moe.  He's a huge Dallas Green fan - Dallas Green - City and Colour - get it?  It was Moe who had introduced me to Dallas Green's music - City and Colour, Alexisonfire, and The Grace, a Neverending White Lights song featuring Dallas Green.  I figured if I picked up Rachel's extra two tickets, then Moe's twin brother Marco along with his girlfriend of three years could go too.  And let's face it...I'd rather be in the second row than in the tenth! At $60 a ticket, I was now in for $120.
The next week, Rachel and I were talking again about the concert.  This time she tells me, her husband would rather not go.  So now she has an extra first row ticket!  My mind starts Moe can bring a date and I can sit in the first row! There's another $60.  Still a hell of a deal.  Five of us get to go for only $180....that's almost half price! And I get the FIRST ROW!!!
When we arrive at the Esplanade, half an hour before they open the theater doors, we hit the merchandise table right away!  Dallas Green must already be rich, because he practically gives his merchandise away.  I picked up a T-shirt for $15 - I rarely see them priced below $25 or $30 at a concert - and a CD for $5 - normally around $20.  The Low Anthem are a little hungrier...their prices were a little higher...I paid $15 for their CD - still a little less than you'd normally pay at a concert. So there we are, $215 later.  Now let me tell you why it was worth every fucking penny!
I had never heard of The Low Anthem before. The band comes from Providence Rhode Island and consists of Ben Knox Miller, Jeff Prystowsky, Jocie Adams, Mike Irwin and Tyler Osborne.  I watched fascinated as they moved around the stage, each picking up and playing a multitude of different instruments throughout the show.  I was in awe!  Since hearing them, they have become one of my very favorite folk bands.  The simplicity and honesty of the music and the message in the lyrics is what captures me right away.  The songs speak of happiness and gratefulness for gifts from a spiritual or earthly plane, not the material desires that so many of us get caught up in pursuing in our day to day rat races.  It's fucking beautiful!    During the intermission I went to the lobby to use the rest room and happened upon Ben signing autographs at their merchandise table...yeah, of course I got my CD autographed.
I think if it had only been The Low Anthem I would have felt I got my moneys worth, but then City and Colour took the stage!  Dallas Green is fucking incredible.  He calls his music folk, but it's like no other folk music I've ever heard.  New genre? Modern Folk?  Who knows....all I know is it's so fucking hauntingly beautiful, it can easily bring tears to your eyes.
Apparently a lot of their songs are in different tuning because in between many of the songs the band would pause to tune their guitars.  These quiet moments gave the audience the opportunity to yell affectionate greetings to Dallas.  He responded in good humor, even when the voices proclaiming their love were deep male voices.  When a couple of women from opposite sides of the playhouse each insisted they loved him more than the other, he responded with, "It's not a competition, people."
About half way through their performance, the band took a short break and we had Dallas and his guitar to ourselves.  Before beginning his song, he asked the audience to do him one favor.  He asked that everyone put their cell phones down.  For just one song, not to worry about taking pictures or video.  He spoke about how we get so caught up in trying to record the moment to enjoy it later that we forget to enjoy it while it's happening.  So for just one song, to be present with him in the moment, for just one song to just sit back and enjoy the music.  After that we could go back to happily snapping away.  His words made so much fucking sense to me that I did him one better and put my cell phone away for the rest of the concert.  I'm glad I did.  When the band joined him on stage again, they played my very favorite song by City and Colour, Fragile Bird! Without the distraction of trying to get the perfect picture, I enjoyed him and the music that much more!  I'm going to remember his words for other concerts and events as well.  I wouldn't expect that I would learn a life lesson at a concert but there it is.  You're a wise man Dallas Green.  Thank you for the simple lesson to live in the moment as it happens........; )

Check them out for yourself
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