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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ahh Memories

You know how an old song can bring the past back like it was yesterday?  When I hear Charlie Pride's The Snakes Crawl at Night it takes me back to the backseat of my parents Ford LTD, singing at the top of my lungs.  Of course that would be a likely memory with a lot of music.  I sang along with all the songs, I couldn't help myself.  Come to think of it...I still do.

I love how a song can spark a memory.  For instance, whenever I hear Lynyrd Skynyrd's  Free Bird, I can't help but think of a road trip I took when I was fifteen.  I had run away from home and was pretty much living on the streets.  My best friends seventeen year old boyfriend was telling us about how he was going to drive to down to California.  It was August and in a couple of months, it was going to be fucking cold where we were, in Prince George.  The beach and sunshine sounded pretty good to me.  I asked if I could hitch a ride and a couple of days later we hit the road.

We left Prince George, and headed south.  We had Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gold & Platinum in the 8 track player, a case of beer and a bag of weed.  With the windows rolled down in his Nova and the wind whipping through our hair, we wound our way down through those mountain highways.  There had been no time in my life up to that point when I had felt more free.  By the end of the day we had made it as far as Cache Creek.  We found a place to camp and set up a tent to spend the night.  I can't tell you what happened in that tent that night!  That's for a whole other kind of story, hmmmmm......

Anyway, the trip turned out to be a bust.  The next day, after a little more X rated fun in the tent...he decided he needed to go back to Prince George, I can't even remember why.  So we never even made it to Vancouver let alone California.  The trip was still a lot of fun though!  And by the way, if you are feeling bad for my best friend, she stole him from me first - and I didn't even steal him back - I just sort of borrowed him...

There are a number of songs that bring back that summer.....Boston's More than a Feeling, brings back memories of push starting a friends volkswagon bug.  He always had to jump the clutch to get that thing started.  ACDC's Highway to Hell takes me to a wild house party with a 5 foot bong....yeah I couldn't take it all...choked every time...fuck!

The one song that might mean the most to me from that year though is Smokey Mountain Rain by Ronnie Milsap.  This song will always remind me of one of the most pivotal people to come into my life.  And he came into my life in the early fall of 1980.  Roger was a guardian angel disguised as pizza delivery man.  The night I met Roger, I was with a young friend of his, we were checking into a hotel room because his parents wouldn't let me stay at his house...hehe.  Anyway, Roger was delivering a pizza to the hotel.  His wife was driving the car because Roger was on an acid trip.  Keep in mind at this meeting he had only seen me for a couple of minutes and he was stoned on acid.

Two nights later, as I was wandering the streets, Roger was out delivering pizza again.  This time he was straight.  He recognized me, even remembered my name and asked me if I needed a ride home.  When I told him I didn't have a home to go to, he took me to his.  His live-in babysitter was taking care of his and his wife's two children plus her own child.  He felt she could use a hand and asked me if I was interested.  He would give me room and board and $50 a month.  I had nothing, I had nowhere to go.  He took me in and never once laid a hand on me.  His wife, who was a saint by the way, was kind to me as well.

Shortly after I started working for them, the babysitter I was supposed to be assisting ended up taking off all the time leaving me with the three kids.  Roger and his wife asked her to leave and gave me the job.  They raised my pay to $150 a month plus room and board.  They saved my life.  I can only imagine where that young 15 year old runaway was headed without the intervention of this particular guardian angel...can't you?

I stayed with them for nine months.  I came to realize that I wanted more options in life, so I moved to Winnipeg to live with my biological father.  I've never forgotten the gift Roger gave me.  To this day, he is still one of my most highly valued friends....BFF's, right Rog?  And you know I'm waiting for you there, Roger,  somewhere in the Smokey Mountain Rain.......; )

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cat or Cougar?

In my previous post...Summer of Rock....I spoke of my very non cougar behaviour at a recent Godsmack show.  I do normally go for guys around my own age but I gotta be honest with you...those young sexy rockers and their high energy shows get me pretty fucking hot too!.....I'd like to experience that kind of energy in another, more private way, if you know what I mean.

Saving Abel is a perfect example.   I had the chance to catch their show this summer when they had a stop in Lethbridge, AB.  I had heard a handful of songs by them and I liked every single one.  Lead singer Jared Weeks with his very strong and sexy vocals is backed up by very talented musicians Jason Null, Scott Bartlett, Eric Taylor and Rick Anderson.  When Jared invites his listeners to "come and tell me what my kiss tastes like" in Sex is Good...oh fuck baby...and touch and lick and suck and whatever else you want to do to me!

My very favorite Saving Abel tune is Mississippi Moonshine!  I've never performed for anybody but my cat and dog...okay and a bar full of patrons, but not onstage and that was after a lot of fucking beer....but Jared, if you're reading, I have this awesome fantasy of you and me performing that song as a duet....hehe, not my only fantasy featuring you, you know just in case you missed my subtle hint above....anyway, give me the second verse (change around a couple of words) and second chorus and we could rock that tune like Johnny and June going to Jackson!, call me! 

Jonas and the Massive Attraction stopped in Lethbridge this summer as well, so guess what?  That's right, I was there.  This band is from Montreal and if you haven't heard their huge rock hit Big Slice, where the hell have you been?  They've been overplaying it on every fucking rock station across Canada.  After they fucking rocked the house, I ran (to the other side of the bar) to buy the CD and they quickly became one of my favorite listens this summer.    I had the chance to hang around and talk to the boys after the show....super great guys...oh yeah and fucking hot too!

 I won tickets to the My Darkest Days show in Lethbridge from local radio station, Rock 106 - thanks again guys!  Talk about cougar bait!  These guys are to middle aged women as the full moon is to werewolves!  No shit, they'll fucking turn right before your eyes. These young guys from Toronto have a huge popular hit with "Porn Star Dancing" featuring artists Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and Zakk Wilde (Black Label Society) that literally turns middle aged housewives into gyrating sex kittens!  It was incredible!  I'd never seen anything like it!...don't get me wrong, I'm not judging, as a matter of fact  I like to be a gyrating sex kitten myself and usually am, believe me... but then again, I'm a bit of a a good way...

And of course, if I am going to speak of My Darkest Days, I have to speak about local boys Double Jack (Lethbridge).  They won our local Battle of the Bands competition and opened for My Darkest Days.  They're a hard hitting rock/metal band and their music, whether it is their original stuff or covers, blows me away....and their covers....fuck yeah...Pantera, Tool, Metallica, and my personal favorite, the only dance tune they do (they'll tell you that) Black Betty by Ram Jam!  I love these guys!  And you want to talk sexy...Jack Stevens...Marc Belisle...fuck yeah! 

And last but certainly not least are two bands from Calgary that I just recently saw in Lethbridge.  Kingdom of Few and Silo are two very class act bands.  I had only heard clips of their music online in promotions and was impressed, but holy fuck...their live show fucking rocks!   Kingdom of Few took the stage, opened up and blew me away! They possess a sexy, energetic rock style and an even sexier lead singer Curtis Butala.  
Silo didn't disappoint either.  Their hard hitting metal/punk sound, amazing guitar riffs - you fucking rock, Youngblood!- and for lack of a better word, crazy stage show was fucking incredible.  I get happy just thinking about their show!  I can't wait to see them again! 

I've been focusing on the live shows I've recently been to see, but I have to wrap up this post with a shout out to a couple of very different but equally talented artists I've recently come across online...
  • Metal/Punk Fans - hey, pay attention - Gift of Destiny  These fucking guys rock hard!  Raise Some Hell is one of my new favorites!  Listen to'll be one of yours too.
  • Rap fans - Mezziah is going to be huge, huge, huge...this guy is one of the best rappers I have ever fucking heard!  His talent, intelligence and integrity will take him far....mark my fucking words...huge! And he's Canadian!  Yay us! 
Have some fun with these links - band names...if you haven't heard of  some of these bands, check them out...the ones you've heard of, check them out again.... ; )

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Summer of Rock

I dubbed the summer of 2011 "The Summer of Rock".  I decided to make live music and supporting musicians a priority in the summer of 2011 for a couple of reasons:

  • First and most importantly, I had heard a music manager say (and this was heard by me second hand so I won't use his name, let's just refer to him as asshole) that he wasn't interested in listening to any new rock bands because rock music wasn't marketable!  - really?  What the fuck?  Weren't fans supporting rock music enough? - Was I supporting rock music enough?
  • Second, it was summer, I was laid off of work (I am every summer...I know, it's rough right?) so I had the time, unfortunately there was still a problem with cash flow - did I mention I was laid off work?

In any case I decided I was going to take in as many shows as I could.  I started listening to the local radio station with a passion.....Rock106 you're awesome.....winning tickets to a number of the shows I ended up attending.  In all I ended up checking out Jonas and the Massive Attraction, My Darkest Days, Chilliwack, Double Jack, The Chevelles, Hippodrome, Texas Flood, The Sam Roberts Band, Nazareth, Saving Abel and of course Godsmack!  Some of these shows I did pay for and some were free to the public, but just goes to show if you're fucking serious about making something happen then you can fucking make it happen!

Bob Seger was right when he said "you can come back baby, rock 'n roll never forgets." I had a blast at all of these shows, rocking out and soaking up the energy of the crowds.  I went for the music, I wasn't interested in hooking up with anyone or getting drunk or stoned.  - yeah, okay...I was driving....yeah, okay I'm responsible....fuck!

Because this is a blog and not a book the one show I'll focus on is Godsmack in Calgary August 31.  This show wrapped up the "Summer of Rock" and it was the one that was most anticipated by me.  In case you haven't read my previous posts I guess I should mention I have a small obsession with Sully Erna - Godsmack's hot lead singer!   Even as I got ready to go, I selected my prettiest bra and thong to wear....a matching hot pink number, you know...just in case.  I topped it off with skin tight jeans, a pretty tank top from Vegas,  Playboy jean jacket and heels.  I looked hot!

Unfortunately for me my travel time back and forth to the show was 6 hours round trip.  Again,  I took in the show sober as a judge.  No problem, on this night I was so fucking high from the excitement of finally having the chance to experience Godsmack live! 

I took up my usual spot by the soundboards - I  can see the stage perfect, I don't get bloodied and bruised and if a band member does come out into the crowd, he will usually pop out near the soundboards somewhere and then I'm right fucking there!  

Even though I was alone at the show,  I didn't have to stay alone for long.  A very sweet, good looking and very drunk young man thought I looked lonely and invited me to join his group.  When Godsmack took the stage, my new friends moved closer to the stage and I took up my space at the soundboards, getting into the music, raising my arms in the air and moving my hips to the rhythm  as Sully belted out "Cryin' like a Bitch".  I was having a great time dancing and singing and every so often a man would appear at my side, introduce himself and ask me if I was enjoying the show.  I always shook his hand, introduced myself, told him yes and went back to enjoying the show.
That is until Fred the lights roadie took his spot beside me.  He asked me if I would like to watch the show side stage.   Are you fucking kidding me????  Yeah!!!!  Sully was now within 5 meters of me, on stage and just out of reach.  Now here is the problem with going to a rock show sober in your 40's.  Fucking maturity takes over.  I thought about rushing the stage...did I?  No.  I was actually worried I might get kicked out and I hadn't heard Voodoo, Touche, or Whiskey Hangover yet.  Then if that wasn't bad enough, Sully came backstage to change a guitar.....did I run over, rip off my shirt, and show him my tits?  Or throw myself at his feet and beg him to let me.....? fact, this thought literally went through my mind "Leave the man alone, he's trying to work"....what the fuck is that? 
Despite the fact that I let these chances pass me by, I did love the show.  Fred and I left side stage to come out front and watch Sully and Shannon perform their drum battle - two full sets of drums facing each other down and bringing down the house!  Sully and Tony's rendition of "Serenity" blew me away.  It's one of my favorites and Sully sings it so hauntingly beautiful.

I was still on cloud nine when the lights did go up.  I was making my way out when  my new very sweet, young, good looking and very drunk friend found me.  "Hey, it's hot cougar" he shouted "Did you like the show?"  You couldn't have slapped the smile off my face!  

The funny part of being called a cougar is this:  I was only interested in doing one guy there and he is about my age....not really cougar behavior.  Still I enjoyed the sentiment.

I had a great time and it was the perfect end to the summer of rock.  Next time I go to see Godsmack though, I'm getting a room, a cab and a bottle of tequila.  Maturity, responsibility nor respect can survive tequila!  Watch out Sully......

Just an end note:  All the shows I went to see over the summer were not very well attended....lot's of standing room left.  I can't help but think about what asshole supposedly said about rock not being marketable.  I'm going to do what I can as a fan, you know, buy the music, go to the shows...from what I hear  rock stars just want to get ahead...or was that they just want to get head?......oh, and sorry Fred, at the very least I should have showed you my tits  ; )

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Speaking of sex......

In my last post I touched on the sexuality of music.  Rock is what helped me identify what I was feeling when the first stirrings began.  Let me explain....before rock came into my life as a young teenager, I was feeling at odds with myself.  I was restless, distracted, feeling trapped and held down.  I felt if I could find a way to run faster than my skin I would have done it to break free. 

Rock, with it's steady bass lines, cool guitar riffs and suggestive lyrics helped me name the restlessness within me....holy shit, I was horny!  Don't get me wrong...I was still a very good girl at this time.  I was also very shy and inhibited - I couldn't even look at myself naked in the mirror let alone get naked with someone else!  I knew I wanted to try sex but I had no idea about how to go about getting laid!

At this time in my life, mom was spending all her free time in the bar, my stepfather was a bartender so he was never home and my younger sister - that I was in charge of while mom was in the bar...- was always at one friends or another.  In other words, I had the house to myself.

 It was Saturday afternoon and my best friend and I decided to have a drink of my stepfather's whiskey while we listened to music outside.  The whiskey was straight up because we thought the neighbors would think it was apple juice and the music - April Wine's Stand Back as a matter of fact - was coming from my parents 3' speakers, placed outside the side door facing the know, just in case someone didn't notice us.

We reasoned that we should finish the bottle so my parents wouldn't notice that some of the whiskey was missing.  For the life of me, I still can't find the logic in that plan.  My friend fucked off after 2 shots but I stuck to the plan.  When my stepfather drove around the corner to see me puking on the front lawn, I ran away from home to...get this...'the house across the street'.   I was pretty fucking drunk and couldn't walk a straight line let alone run but he was fat and out of shape so he still couldn't catch me.  I took the long way - around the block...okay 3 blocks...yeah, I got lost...I was drunk...but doubled back through the alley, so my stepfather was never the wiser as to where I ended up.

As luck would have it 'the house across the street' was full of teenage boys - parents were gone for the weekend, they had dope, pills and booze - the party was on.  Let's just say it was that weekend at the tender age of 14 when I learned what effect alcohol had on inhibitions and how easy it was to get boys to fuck me!

Songs such as Boston's Party, Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Foreigner's Dirty White Boy, and lets not forget Pat Benetar's ode against the sexual double standard Hit Me with Your Best Shot gave me inspiration to explore my sexuality with confidence.

It was the '70's.  Everybody was fucking everybody, swinging and divorce were fashionable for our parents.  The gene pool  I came from was comprised of sluts and addicts, I was a teen with raging was my time!!    I went from being a very good girl to being a very very bad girl in a very very very short time.  I loved sex...I still do, only difference is today I don't have those raging hormones to fight against and I now have the strength be a lot more discriminating.

That being can still ignite a primitive fire in my body, grabbing me by the cunt and making me horny beyond belief.  The music of bands such as Hinder, Saving Abel, Shinedown and the Stereophonics  all turn me on, get me in the mood so to speak...but admittedly the band that has the biggest influence on my sex is Godsmack.  There is something so sexy in their music style/sound/image - whatever - that when I hear it, I just want to throw myself at Sully Erna's feet and beg him to let me suck get the picture.

On retrospect I thought it might be just because of Sully and that I was attracted to him, but no...I'm old school, I hear my music long before I see it and Godsmack as a package, their music, made my panties wet long before I ever saw Sully.  When I did finally see a video, Sully's beauty and sexy body just gave me a very desirable object for my dirty little fantasies. This has earned Sully a place on my 'Bucket List' - you know - the things I want to do most before I die.
In fact he is in the top 3......

Cat's Bucket List

1.  Make or win more than $1,000,000.  Desired outcome - Share the wealth ensuring financial stability for all my loved ones.

2.  Purchase estate big enough to hold entire family.  Desired outcome - Provide a place for loved ones to gather ensuring the strength of the family bond.

3. Rock Sully Erna's world!  Desired outcome - ahhh, aaaahhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ooooooooo Sully :)

4. Get a boob job! Desired outcome - respectable, high, firm C cup
......(I don't want nor need gargantuan tits - I bet it feels just as good to me when my bitty B cup titties get fondled, sucked, and fucked as it would if I was packing a pair of DD's)

and the list goes on..........hmmmm, I wonder if Sully would prefer to be moved down the list a notch?

Speaking of Godsmack....they were my Grand Finale to my "Summer of Rock".  I caught their show in Calgary, August 31, 2011.  I had a blast!!!  That's a great subject for my next post!  Hints of what happened at the show are:
  • Roadies rock
  • Caption on my photo on this page 
  • Had to use all my self control!  
..........; )


    Saturday, 3 September 2011

    Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N Roll!

    Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  My biological father was a drummer in a band in his younger years.  He was drumming for Gary Fjellgaard's band when he caught my mother's eye.  Yeah, he was married to someone else at the time, the dog...but that didn't stop him and my mother from getting fucking naked and sweaty - resulting in me.

    Even though my dad's first wife kicked him to the curb and he married my mom, their relationship didn't make it to my first birthday.  Separately they still both managed to become raging but functional alcoholics.  So you see, sex, drugs and rock 'n roll are literally in my blood.

    My mother loved country western music and this is what I grew up listening to.  Her favorites included Johnny Cash, Charlie Pride, Charlie Rich, Don Williams, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty....and the list goes on and on.  I guess I was about 10 years old - that was in '75 - when we started listening to AM Radio.   At that time the airways were filled with easy listening - Gordon Lightfoot, Van Morrison, Carly Simon, Simon and Garfunkel and of course a whole lot of Disco.

    When I was 13, my mom and stepfather bought me a stereo for my room.  I couldn't wait to start buying vinyl of my own.  Being a 13 year old girl raised on country and am radio, my first albums were the soundtracks to Grease and Saturday Night Fever.  Very uncool back then - classics now...go figure!

    It would be a year later that a friend brought over her brother's April Wine, Stand Back album.  I was fucking blown away...I had to have that album.  I ended up trading my Billy Joel Glass Houses album for it (I had played it to death by that time anyway).  From that moment on Rock music took control of my heart and hasn't given it back since.

    It turned me on.  I was coming of age and rebelling against the abuse I was facing at home.  I was looking at boys in a whole different way - I was no longer interested in holding hands - instead I was more interested in investigating those impressive bulges in 17 year old boys' jeans.  I was rocking out to AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Boston, Kiss,  Lynyrd Skynyrd and their music was telling me it was okay to be me.  I could let loose, give into my impulses, party on and they wouldn't judge me, in fact they would cheer me on.  They did and during those partying years I smoked many joints, drank many bottles, sang, danced and investigated many a bulge - I loved every minute of it! .....; )