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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Well kids, grab your bags, we're heading around the world again.  This time the destination is Denmark....and let me tell you....those Danes know how to fucking rock!  Keema is the perfect example of that!

Not sure how long these guys have been rocking together but their sound is tight and judging from the videos I've watched, they have a fucking great time performing together.  If you're into hard rock you'll want to check out Keema.



Okay...I'm not sure why I would choose a song titled Hate to blow out 2013 with....perhaps there are some Freudians out there that can analyze that one.  Anyway, boys and girls, Happy New Year!!  I'm hoping you'll make me proud and turn it up - blow 2013 out the fucking door and bring in 2014 hard and loud....... ; )

Check out more music by Keema at

Monday, 30 December 2013

Angel One

Y'all know I'm a huge fan of October Sky!  These boys have serious fucking talent and deserve to be recognized as the rock stars they are....though they are way too humble to ever think of themselves as such.

Angel One is one of the most heartbreaking, touching songs you'll find on their latest album The Aphotic Season.  The emotions October Sky evoke in this song are real....their messy...and we've all felt them.  The boys just recently released an official video for this latest single and I'm warning you might cry.....I fucking did.


Well?  Are you crying?  If not....oh my god! Do you have a heart of stone??  Anyway, whatever emotions October Sky writes and sings about, they never fail to do with a sense of class and a sexy style that drives this rock and roll chick wild......... ; )

Visit October Sky at  You can catch the latest on what their up to and all their links from there.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Jhonny K and the Krew

Last night I was listening once again to Red and Jay and their show We're Right, You're Wrong at ....well, basically because I heard they were talking about me.  So before kicking their fucking asses I thought I'd better see for myself.  Turns out it was all good so they're safe for another week....y'know for smart asses they definitely know how to stay on a girls good side...guess smart ass is way better than dumb ass....

Anyway....after I was assured they weren't saying bad shit about me, I stuck around and listened to the whole show.  Again, I highly recommend you waste the hour a week of your life and give these boys a listen....they tend to raise a good point.  I'm also discovering they have kick ass guests every week as well!  Last night was no exception as they interviewed Jhonny K of Jhonny K and the Krew.

Jhonny is quite impressive with his musical background, obviously bitten by the music bug as a young guy, he wanted to play the drums....after discussions with his mother though, settled for the trumpet.  From there he never looked back....adding guitar, songwriting, producing and success coach...? to his talents, Jhonny sought out knowledge of the business from the best in the business in Nashville, Tennessee and has developed quite a body of work.

Pulling together gifted musicians.....Aaron "Yeequon" Lee on lead guitar and vocals, Matt Boles on bass and vocals, Voltz aka Lee Sebel on keyboards and vocals, Lizz Clayton on violin and vocals, and of course the keeper of the beat Jeff Walpole on drums and vocals...... Jhonny K leads Jhonny K and the Krew on vocals and guitar.  Their sound is country rock and like my favorites, the Eagles, Jhonny K and the Krew pull together great harmonies and kick ass rock guitar.  With a couple of albums under their belts, I could share a number of songs with you but t'is the season......


I'm glad I took the time to check out Jhonny K a little more closely, you see, those smooth vocals and kick ass rhythms aren't all he has going for him....turns out he's quite the sexy beast as well and well, you know how I feel about sexy rock stars........ ; )

Check out more of Jhonny K and the Krew at and catch more of his links including twitter, facebook and youtube while you're there!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Burden of Sanity

Not that I listen to too many dudes that tell me their right and I'm wrong but Red and Jay lured me into listening to their podcast by tempting me with a kick ass band interview and prizes.  So, Monday night after listening to the Rock and Roll Report, I was online anyway and decided to give We're Right, You're Wrong a listen.

Well, I'm fucking glad I did!  And for a number of reasons! First...they are fucking funny.  Anyone who makes me laugh gets my attention and support...and Red and Jay have a natural banter and a great sense of humor.  Second...they're opinionated.  I like that in a me a reason to debate...with him.  Third....they were hosting a contest that was fucking giving away kick ass music!  Fourth...I fucking won!

Burden of Sanity is a hard rock/alternative metal band out of Miami.  What I really like about them is they don't sound like anything I've ever heard before.  Which really shouldn't surprise me as their influences (whom I'm a fan of as well) Killswitch Engage, Tool and the Deftones liked to push creativity through their own original styles.  And well, let's face it....if it rocks, I fucking like it....and Burden of Sanity fucking rocks.  Here....take a lisen....


I have it good authority that they are about to release a CD....well, because I fucking won visit them on facebook > or on ReverbNation > to find out how to get yours!

And before I go....I gotta tell you to check out Red and Jay and their podcast We're Right, You're Wrong recorded weekly.  You can find it here >  Oh and follow them on twitter....their handle is @yesweareright.  They're saucy little fuckers but I'm sure you'll like em as much as I do...... ; )

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bash The Band

The secret behind social media is to get into the right circles....follow and friend those who are gonna turn you on to what you're fucking interested in.  One of my most intelligent follows is the Epic Texan out of...well, Texas, duh!

This man has turned me on to the best independent hard fucking rocking, blow your fucking mind music coming out of Texas and well, yeah he fucking did it again!  Yesterday, in a post directed to all his friends I'm sure, but I took it to mean me, he told me I HAD to follow Bash The Band!  And as  usual, he was absolutely right.  These boys fucking rock!!  But why should you take my word for it?  Well, because I fucking know great music, that's why....but of course I'll give you a taste for yourself.  This is Bash The Band!  Turn it the fuck up and get those horns high rockers!!


I know, I've said this before, but I truly have to get my ass to Texas.  Holy shit, it is fucking happening there!  The list of artists in that state that are a must see is getting pretty fucking long and now it includes Bash The Band!  If you're in the area, you gotta friend and follow the Epic Texan on facebook and twitter respectively.  He's constantly posting events that I fucking wish I could go to, featuring excellent hard rock and metal artists from the Texas area!  Get to those fucking shows and rock that local music!  And who knows? Perhaps one of these days you'll catch me there too!   I'll be the drunk blonde up front....... ; )

You can find Bash The Band all over the fucking web....facebooktwitterreverbnation, youtube and of course at their own website

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I Saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus

Just a quick post this morning....I'm running fucking late!!  Anyway, caught this new punk twist of a Christmas classic on The Rock and Roll Report with Mark Boudreau last night on CKUT 90.3 FM out of Montreal and had to fucking share!

Check out the Dollyrots!  Merry Christmas freaks.......... ; )


Monday, 16 December 2013

Psycho Motor

I think it might be a close race as to whom has appeared more in Cat's Litter Box....this post might be the post that gives Gift of Destiny a solid lead.  It's no secret I absolutely fucking love this band!

Gift of Destiny hits me hard with their metal foundations, their sound is solid as steel.  But more than that, their diversity and willingness to push the limits of how Metal music is interpreted is what truly lights my fire.....these guys are seriously the real deal and if you love metal and hard rock you definitely have to check them out.

Their first album Throttle is still one of my favorites and I find myself turning it all the fuck the way up every time it makes an appearance on my iPod!  Well, now, I'll be turning it up twice as much because Gift of Destiny has released their new EP, Psycho Motor.....and it's so fucking inexpensive....that even I can fucking afford it!!

These guys are the best ...and as a way of proving it.... they have provided a free download to all my readers.  Their spin of Play That Funky Music is incredible!  Y'know how sometimes you can get pissed off when a new band fools with one of your favorite songs?  Well, this is one of my fucking all time favorite songs and I fucking love this version....and you will too!

Just click this link for your free download > Play That Funky Music - Free Fucking Music!!

I also want to share another original Gift of Destiny song with you but Reverbnation is being a total bitch and won't fucking let me..... haha...she must be sensitive because now she's gonna help a girl out... come and get your Therapy rockers!  This song explains everything I've told you about Gift of Destiny.....


Now head over there yourself....check out their the link to buy from CD can choose either the CD or digital know I fucking did..... ; )

Click here for Gift of Destiny on Reverbnation

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Hey, I've always said I love lyrics and I heard a band this morning whose lyrics just reached out and touched my soul.  And isn't that what everyone looks for in the music they listen to?

I would have to describe RecapTheElapsed as a post-surfboard punk band with attitude with something to say about pop culture.  I have to fucking admit, I like the way they do it.  Are they ever gonna stand with the likes of U2 or Sir Paul McCartney ....not a fucking chance.  I'd put them more on a scale with Sum 41 and The Kottonmouth Kings (the Kings aren't punk, but they have that same tell it the way it fucking is attitude).

In any case, this song made me smile this morning....and I fucking love to smile, so I'm gonna share it with you.  Fuck was Ode To Miley...Plus a Few Others!! that caught my attention but I'm gonna share their whole playlist.  Enjoy, and fucking smile, you're cuter when you smile..... ; )


Monday, 9 December 2013

Alberta (Where the Green Grass Grows)

Alberta is the place where the green grass grows unless it's the middle of winter then its just fucking cold.  This past summer Alberta was hit very hard.  Torrential rains and storms brought floods the likes that Alberta had never seen before.  Calgary, High River and surrounding communities (reaching all the way to Medicine Hat and Lethbridge) saw many residents driven from their homes as the waters rose, flooding most, washing some away.  The devastation was immense and horrible.

A good friend of mine in Trochu, Alberta had just finished writing a song about the province in which he loves and lives when the news hit.  His mind full of the path of destruction the high waters had created, Gordon Wesley Moore of Made in Canada practiced his song about his beautiful province with tears in eyes.  Wanting to do something but having little to give he decided to give his song.  I guess you could compare Gordy with a certain little drummer boy who only had the gift of song to give....kinda fitting for this time of year, huh?

With a little help from his musician friends...John Schilling, Lewis Frere, Dean Ray, and Craig Learmont (who is also Gordy's producer), Alberta (Where the Green Grass Grows) is now for sale. All proceeds from the sale of this song will go to help rebuild what Mother Nature chose to destroy (she must suffer from PMS because man, what a bitch!)  It will take the Province of Alberta many, many years to rebuild (the costs of rebuilding run into the billions).  Please click on this link > CD Baby - Alberta (Where the Green Grass Grows) and hit the buy button to purchase Alberta (Where the Green Grass Grows) and help Alberta rebuild.  Here's a preview of the song........


One thing we do know about Canadians in general is that they are caring, generous people.  We help when we can and now Gordy is giving you the opportunity to not forget that people are still out of their homes and you can still do a very small part to help.  As a thank you, you get an awesome song as well.  It's the gift that keeps on giving....... ; )

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Forever Still

One of my very favorite things is clicking on a tune from a band I've never heard before and discovering something that fucking rocks.  Well, it's gonna be a great day because it happened to me this morning when I clicked on Forever Still's bandcamp page!

Hailing from Copenhagen Denmark and fronted by Maja Shonning this band will blow you away at first listen.  Forever Still can certainly give Evanescence and Lacuma Coil a run for their money. Conceived in 2009 and building steam and energy ever since, Forever Still has developed their line-up over the years and released their first EP Breaking Free earlier this year.

Combining melodic rock with the heavier strains of metal and hard rock with a dash of industrial techno added in, Forever Still has created a progressive rock sound that is fresh and new yet classic as well.  I imagine they will enjoy great success not only in Denmark but around the world.  You gotta check em out....and be sure to listen to the end, Forever Still will surprise a fucking rocking way!


What did I fucking tell you!  What a great fucking way to start a day!!  Rock on boys and girls, you can thank me later....... ; )

For more info on this kick ass band check out their webpage at  You can catch all their links there as well!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hockey Night in Saskatchewan?

Now I know y'all know how crazy I am about One Bad Son....well, there must be something in the Saskatchewan water that produces kick ass rock bands because they keep fucking turning em out!  I came across Screamlyne a few months ago, and you may have caught my blog post in September ranting and raving about how much they fucking rock > Screamlyne

You may also know about how much I'm into supporting kick ass bands such as Screamlyne who are out there fucking doin it on their own, trying to get their songs heard.  I've often encouraged you to go to their shows, buy their music and their merchandise so they have the means to make more kick ass music. Another way you can support is by voting for them in various contests.  It doesn't cost you a fucking thing except maybe a couple of minutes of your time (if that) and it could mean big prizes or decent exposure for them.

Well, Screamlyne has entered CBC Music's contest to find the next great Hockey Night in Canada song. The winner will record a studio version of their song and be aired in a montage in prime time at the beginning of Hockey Night in Canada.  I've said it many, many fucking times...Canada fucking rocks!! Let's prove it to the nation by voting for Screamlyne!!

Now get your ass over....well, I guess you don't need to fucking move, just click this link >  Hit the Saskatchewan option and they'll pop right up.  Hit the vote button and you're done.  Then get into the fucking habit, bookmark the page and vote everyday!  Come on, it's the least you can do and you'll prove to me that YOU fucking rock just as hard as the rockers in Screamlyne......... ; )

This is the song you'll be voting for....


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dark December

Okay....I'm ashamed of myself.  I obviously wasn't stalking these boys hard enough last year, because this one slipped by me.  It took listening to Fresh Tracks this weekend on 106.9 The Wolf to hear this fucking awesome Christmas song from One Bad Son....and it was on LAST YEAR'S 604 Records Christmas compilation album, Bundled Up.

The song is Dark December and like One Bad Son, it fucking rocks.  I can't imagine a better way to get into the Christmas spirit than listening to great rock Christmas tunes....well....maybe a spiked Egg Nog and great rock Christmas tunes....

Anyway....I'm a year late but let's kick off this December and get into the Christmas spirit with this great tune from One Bad Son....... ; )


For more great videos from One Bad Son tune into One Bad Son TV on youtube > One Bad Son's kick ass youtube channel!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Battle at the Cambie

Hey kids, I'm back!  Sorry for the absence....I quit smoking again and was feeling a little on edge but now I'm feelin fine and lookin even better!  In fact, I was feelin and lookin so fine I felt I had to get out and take in some serious rock and roll on Saturday that's exactly what I did.

Throughout the month of November the Cambie Bar and Grill in Nanaimo, British Columbia has been having a little competition.  Pitting great local island bands against one another, it all came down to the best of them this past Saturday night!  Man, I tell ya, when I pick a night to go out, I pick a fucking night to go out!!

It was all started with band #1, Cathedral Groove, a funky, cool, bohemian style band out of Courtenay, British Columbia.  They succeeded in getting my toes tapping and shoulders swaying to their cool funky vibe.  Here have a listen for yourself....


Band #2 fucking rocked my world with their driving rhythms and hard fucking rock riffs. Hailing from Nanaimo, Under the Mountain has rightfully gained quite a large local fan base.  Headbanging and rocking out these boys made me feel right at home.  They fucking blew me away and I couldn't fucking sit still while they strutted their stuff.  Ah, gotta check em out....fucking Rock n' Roll with Rock n' Roll.....


I was especially excited to catch Band #3 considering they had already caught my attention.  Turned on to The Distributors by 106.9 The Wolf's DJ, Mike Lang, I've written about these talented young people in a blog post I posted back in September -  The Distributors.  Also hailing from Nanaimo, It was very exciting to catch them perform live and they fucking killed it, performing a smattering of their original tunes along with some great covers!


It was Band #4 I was there to support though....Carry The Storm takes Metal to new highs, not to mention I'm quite fond of the kid who leads this fucking kick-ass band.  Incredibly talented musicians, this Nanaimo band never ceases to fucking entertain.  I've written about them previously as well but this time they finally fucking have a track recorded that I can share with you!  Metal fans get your fucking horns up in the fucking air and turn this tune all the fucking way up!!  This is Betrayal....


Completely different and diverse styles, these bands are best at what they do within their own genres and each one of them deserved to take home top prizes. A majority of the fans in attendance had to be hard rock fans because the fan vote came in with their choice of Under the Mountain to take the top prize.  I'm not sure who took home the judges prize....Amber hasn't fucking updated their facebook page yet....perhaps if she reads this, she'll let us know by posting the winner in a comment below. C'mon darlin, the kids wanna know...... ; )

Here are some links to stalk, er I mean check out more from these kick-ass bands....

Cathedral Groove

Under The Mountain

The Distributors

Carry The Storm