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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Ain't No Soulshine

Happy fucking New Year music fans!!  I hope y'all had a great time welcoming in 2014 and saying goodbye to 2013.  I also hope you've made your new years resolutions. I've made mine...and I resolve to keep rockin out every chance I get!  Okay....that's not really my resolution, that's my nature!

Well, we're into January and in Canada that means the coldest fucking month of the year.  I'm pretty lucky, I'm on the west coast and though we are expecting rain our temps are still about 8 Celsius (for my American friends that's about 47 F).  Other parts of Canada (and from what I hear, in the States too) have been hit hard by severe winter weather and January doesn't look much better. tribute to those who are freezing their asses off and hating it, I want to share some very cool rockin blues.  This video is my friend, Phil Brown, doing what he does best.....being fucking sexy.


Well, I hope that warmed you up for another year of cool and hot music!  I know I always get a very (very) warm feeling every time I hear Phil play....... ; )

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