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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Seven Day Vengeance

I had the worst day yesterday....well, no, I guess I'm exaggerating...I've definitely had worse days.  Maybe a better a better description would be I had a "bad hair day" even though my hair was probably the best part of it.....well, no, I guess I'm exaggerating again...the best part of it was discovering and listening to Seven Day Vengeance!

Canada fucking rocks and Seven Day Vengeance is fucking proof!  This is the kind of rock that really gets me off....always has been.  Hard crunchy riffs, amazing vocals and lyrics and an incredible bass line.  They are another band I'm fucking having trouble finding info on.  They're on facebook, twitter, reverbnation, bandcamp, and youtube and all I can find is that they're from Hamilton, Ontario and their music....though that's not really a bad thing.

I do definitely hear layers in their tunes and I wonder how much of their music is one man.....again, not a bad thing.  Hell, the first Foo Fighters album was all Dave Grohl....he put the band together after he recorded the album. gotta check em out!


And that's the soft slow stuff....head on over to their bandcamp page and check out their album....I promise if you're a hard rock fan, you're gonna fucking love what you hear......... ; )

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