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Monday, 6 January 2014

Twelve Years Driven

Well....the holidays are over but I still have a gift for metal fans.  Twelve Years Driven is rocking Texas and they're rocking it fucking hard!

I fucking love the story behind Twelve Years 1997 Adam Simmons, Mark Powell, and Larry Gilstrap had a vision of a band, of a sound....after 15 months of trying to find musicians that shared this vision with little success they quit.  Twelve years later in 2010 (yeah...that's where the name of the band is derived), Adam Simmons and Larry Gilstrap along with Kris Wood, Mark Sebren and Robert Rice came together to complete the vision.

All I can say is it fucking pays not to compromise.  Having put the perfect combination of musicians together to create the sound they were looking for they've created a powerful entity with the backbone of a beast consisting of melodic verses, screaming choruses, screaming guitars and bass and drums that are gonna knock you on your fucking ass!

FED UP and more

 I fucking love these guys!  If I ever get my fucking sweet little ass to Texas, Twelve Years Driven is gonna know it too.......... ; )

 Visit their site at and pick up their EP!! You can find them on facebook and youtube as well!

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