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Monday, 20 January 2014

One Less Reason

Well, this weekend was filled with more sports than music for me.....Saturday was Hockey Day in Canada and then NFC Championship on Sunday!  As sorry as I was to see the 9ers lose, it was a fucking awesome at it's best.  In between games though I did manage to fool around on facebook a little and it was that fooling around that led me to listen to One Less Reason!

Roll over country fans, there's a new band in town and they are rockin it!   Based out of Tennessee, One Less Reason is made up of Cris Brown on vocals, Kolter Boatwright on bass, Jerry Bailey on guitar and Jeff Moore on drums.  They have five albums under their belt....independent that's some serious shit baby!

Holy fuck these guys rock!  They remind me a little of Nickelback's early stuff, back when they fucking rocked.....and yeah, Nickelback haters, Nickelback used to fucking rock....The State and The Long Road are fucking awesome albums, so just fuck off with your hate. 

There's no room for hate with One Less Reason.  A Million Miles is a single from their latest album Blueprint for Writhing and I'm gonna share the video they used for their crowdsourcing, kickstart project last year, and the one they're using now to raise some cash for album promotion.


Well, there you go....they rock and have a sense of humor.....and oh my, that southern drawl!  That's it....they have my heart.  Perhaps one day I'll see them perform live and I can offer up one or two other body parts......... ; )

Visit their website at to find information on how you can support this awesome band! 

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