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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Phase Reverse

Okay hard rock and metal fans, pack your fucking shit, we're goin' to Greece!  Why Greece?  Because they fucking know how to rock it fucking hard there....or at least there are four men there that know how to rock it fucking hard!!

I heard Phase Reverse for the first time a couple of weeks ago on one of my favorite online podcasts, We're Right, You're Wrong with Red and Jay.  This week Red interviewed a couple members of the band and played a few more tunes and well...I was fucking hooked!  Listen to the show and the interview here >

Phase Reverse is based out of Athens Greece and consists of Alex killin it on drums, Chief kickin it on Guitar,  Dragon-K keepin it even on Bass, and Takis Mark knocking me the fuck out on vocals.  Their sound is a blend of hard rock and heavy metal that takes me back to my headbanger fact I may have hurt myself while listening to them....I gotta learn to remember my spirit may still be 17 years old but my fucking neck isn't.

These rockers have two full length albums recorded and it was hell for me to try and pick one song to share with you.  Born to be Dead is from their second album, Phase II.


Greece is full of ancient ruins, remnants of majesty long since crumbled.  Now we know there is still one rock formation that stands fucking strong in Athens and they call it Phase Reverse........ ; )

Phase Reverse is based in Greece but they are all over the fucking web!  Visit their website at for more info and to catch all their links!

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