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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Well kids, grab your bags, we're heading around the world again.  This time the destination is Denmark....and let me tell you....those Danes know how to fucking rock!  Keema is the perfect example of that!

Not sure how long these guys have been rocking together but their sound is tight and judging from the videos I've watched, they have a fucking great time performing together.  If you're into hard rock you'll want to check out Keema.



Okay...I'm not sure why I would choose a song titled Hate to blow out 2013 with....perhaps there are some Freudians out there that can analyze that one.  Anyway, boys and girls, Happy New Year!!  I'm hoping you'll make me proud and turn it up - blow 2013 out the fucking door and bring in 2014 hard and loud....... ; )

Check out more music by Keema at

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