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Monday, 27 January 2014

Trace the Sky

This weekend found me rocking at one of the coolest fucking little bars in Nanaimo, The Cambie!  I love this bar, notwithstanding the slightly shady area of town because they fucking support the local music scene.  I haven't been to this pub without being blown away by the local island talent and Saturday night was no fucking exception.  You see, Saturday night The Cambie hosted the Trace the Sky Messages EP release party.

The night kicked off with a fucking kick ass performance from Carry the Storm....island Metal at its best! At the end of the night I had a conversation with Blake Deal, front man for the band and was told they will be hosting their own EP release party soon, so you can be guaranteed that they will be front and center in the Litter Box very soon!

Next to hit the stage was the trio of Atlas Collapses.  It was the first time I'd heard this band but it definitely won't be the last.  A friend next to me put it best, so I'm gonna steal his description of their music...."they're like a jazzy Muse."  I will definitely be paying closer attention to Atlas Collapses!

The real treat of the night though was of course when Trace the Sky hit the stage and performed their EP live!  Matt Harder may be the bass player and front man for Trace the Sky, but all the members  including Liam Glaim - vocals and guitar, Matt Gladman - guitar and vocals, and Chris Anderson - drums and vocals....all have a dominate presence in Trace the Sky.

What each member brings to the band creates a mash of styles that include rock, metal and surfer punk....I fucking love it!  Fans can dance, jump, headbang and/or fucking mosh!  It's fucking incredible!  I picked up the EP and am fucking loving it!  In fact, I'm loving it so much I'm having trouble picking just one song to share with you!  Here goes....eenie, meenie, minie, moe.....Lessons Learned it is!


Some of their songs are on youtube....subscribe to them at and some of them are on bandcamp at but I'm not seeing a place yet to pick up the suggestion....bug the shit out of them on facebook at and tell them to get it fucking posted!  I'll bug em too....after all, I'd fucking hate for y'all to miss out.......... ; )

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