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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Buckcherry in Victoria

My head is still fucking reeling!!  Last night I had a fucking blast at the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria!  I have no doubt this theater is home to all kinds of cultural events that expand and develop the mind and last night was no exception.  The McPherson may have been rocking fucking hard with One Bad Son and Buckcherry, but I also learned a few things from these rockers.

I'm not quite sure what happened to the original line-up....when I bought my ticket before Christmas it was slated as Buckcherry with Airbourne and Bleeker Ridge.  I was fucking over the moon when I heard One Bad Son was added to the line-up.  I'm going to assume they were replacing Airbourne.  Well....shit happens and Bleeker Ridge didn't make the show either....something about a broke down van....?

Well, I don't fucking care....I'll catch Bleeker Ridge another time (fucking LOVE those guys)....because that meant that One Bad Son took the stage for a whole hour instead of the half hour they were originally set to play!  Many of you know I am crazy about One Bad Son music....I've been a fan for a number of years....but FINALLY the fucking stars lined up and I was able to catch a show!  They sound even more incredible live!!

So.....that brings me to the first thing thing I learned.  Apparently it's supposedly uncool to dance to the opening band??? Fuck that!!  As soon as One Bad Son started to play I was on my fucking feet, dancing, singing and clapping and I fucking stayed that way until they finished!  Not only did they play their hits from their self-titled album but they also treated us to a few new songs they've been writing for their upcoming album! Let's just say I can't fucking wait to spend more money on these boys!!!

Well, my perseverance to rock out paid off because after the set, Kurt tossed me a drumstick....(I was in the second row, so it was an easy toss).  Which brings me to the second thing I learned....even if you are perceived as uncool at first, attention from the band suddenly makes you cool again.  Eh....I didn't fucking care what anybody else thought anyway....I can't fucking sit down at a live show! the way....the boys in One Bad Son are fucking hot!!  I wonder if any of them has a single dad.....??

Then Buckcherry hit the stage and everyone was on their fucking feet.....about fucking time.  Another fucking excellent live act!  High energy and fucking hot!!  I almost came in my jeans when halfway through the show Josh Todd took off his shirt.....meow!!  No fucking doubt that man could make me purr!!  As if the crowd weren't wild enough, they fucking lost their minds when Buckcherry played Crazy Bitch!  


Which brings me to what else I learned.....apparently I'm not a crazy see, Josh was kind enough to let us know exactly what a crazy bitch is.  A crazy bitch is between 18 and 25 years old, she keeps her pussy and asshole waxed, and she doesn't give a fuck about Buckcherry because she's too fucking busy fucking her way to the top.  Well.....maybe I'm a little crazy.....I'll leave the why to your imagination.......... ; )

One word of advice....get your ass to a Buckcherry show!! For tour dates and tickets go to!!!

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