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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ghost of War

We're an American band, we're an American band, we're comin to your town, we'll help you party it down, we're an American band....
Oops, you caught me singing along.... and no, it wasn't to Grand Funk Railroad, well, yes it's their song originally, but the version I was singing along to is a kick you in your fucking teeth metal version done exquisitely by Ghost Of War.

I've been listening to this killer band from Pennsylvania on reverbnation the last couple days.  I find myself adding all their songs to my favorites list.  That's a damn good sign that I'm gonna need to dig into my purse again and see if I can fucking scrape enough change together to pick up their music.

These guys have experience.  They've been playing together for approximately for 5 years, their CD, Only Death is Real, released in 2012 has been a huge hit in the Mid Atlantic region of America and is gathering attention and fans from all over the world.  Their individual playing experience spans more than 20 years.  Ghost Of War is Metal done old school....they definitely have an Iron Maiden and Judas Priest influence apparent in their original tunes and are a perfect example of a band staying true to the music they love and respect.  In turn they've reinvented and created a current sound that spans generations.


 They may be called Ghost Of War, suggesting an ethereal wisp of a demon bent on destruction but these guys are definitely fucking alive, solid, and loud!  So do what comes fucking natural and get the volume and your horns up........ ; )

Ghost Of War music can be purchased on iTunes and CD Baby and is available through their facebook page at!

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