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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Aviator Shades

You know....I talk a lot of shit about how I gotta get out to see and hear great music.  I've said a dozen times I gotta get my ass to Texas....or to Arizona...or the UK....and one day I'm sure I will.  In the meantime though, I'm finding that there is a never ending supply of kick ass rock and roll right here at home.  (My home being British Columbia, Canada).

In fact I've talked about many of them to you....there's Cupla, One Bad Son (though originally from Saskatoon, they're based out of Vancouver now), Fatal Instinct, Carry the Storm, No Operator, Trace the Sky, The Distributors....anyway, I think you get my point.  Well....I've got another one for you!

Aviator Shades, simply put, is good old rock and fucking roll!  These guys have a classic and energetic style and sound that pulls in fans of all ages!  I've only heard a few songs and I'm fucking hooked.  Their blend of rock, blues and just enough metal to give that hard edge have quickly made them one of my favorites.  Not only would I feel comfortable about telling my kids to check out this fucking kick ass band, I would also easily tell my friends....that's right....the old folks!

Before Spring hits, Aviator Shades will be heating things up, performing around our beautiful province.  My turn to be in the audience will happen March 1st at the Cambie in Nanaimo!  Fuck I love the Cambie....they bring in the best fucking live music.  If you're in the area, you should join me.  If you're not well maybe you can get to one of their other shows....their tour dates are listed here >  facebook.  Give em a like while your there.


I can't fucking wait for March!  Aviator Shades, I'll see you then!  I'll be the drunk blonde shaking her ass and, fuck, wait....I'll be driving....I'll be the sober blonde shaking her ass and howling...... ; )

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