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Monday, 16 December 2013

Psycho Motor

I think it might be a close race as to whom has appeared more in Cat's Litter Box....this post might be the post that gives Gift of Destiny a solid lead.  It's no secret I absolutely fucking love this band!

Gift of Destiny hits me hard with their metal foundations, their sound is solid as steel.  But more than that, their diversity and willingness to push the limits of how Metal music is interpreted is what truly lights my fire.....these guys are seriously the real deal and if you love metal and hard rock you definitely have to check them out.

Their first album Throttle is still one of my favorites and I find myself turning it all the fuck the way up every time it makes an appearance on my iPod!  Well, now, I'll be turning it up twice as much because Gift of Destiny has released their new EP, Psycho Motor.....and it's so fucking inexpensive....that even I can fucking afford it!!

These guys are the best ...and as a way of proving it.... they have provided a free download to all my readers.  Their spin of Play That Funky Music is incredible!  Y'know how sometimes you can get pissed off when a new band fools with one of your favorite songs?  Well, this is one of my fucking all time favorite songs and I fucking love this version....and you will too!

Just click this link for your free download > Play That Funky Music - Free Fucking Music!!

I also want to share another original Gift of Destiny song with you but Reverbnation is being a total bitch and won't fucking let me..... haha...she must be sensitive because now she's gonna help a girl out... come and get your Therapy rockers!  This song explains everything I've told you about Gift of Destiny.....


Now head over there yourself....check out their the link to buy from CD can choose either the CD or digital know I fucking did..... ; )

Click here for Gift of Destiny on Reverbnation


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    1. Thanks guys! You too! Just got your CD yesterday! Fkn rocks!!! ....ha! like there was ever any doubt....