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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hockey Night in Saskatchewan?

Now I know y'all know how crazy I am about One Bad Son....well, there must be something in the Saskatchewan water that produces kick ass rock bands because they keep fucking turning em out!  I came across Screamlyne a few months ago, and you may have caught my blog post in September ranting and raving about how much they fucking rock > Screamlyne

You may also know about how much I'm into supporting kick ass bands such as Screamlyne who are out there fucking doin it on their own, trying to get their songs heard.  I've often encouraged you to go to their shows, buy their music and their merchandise so they have the means to make more kick ass music. Another way you can support is by voting for them in various contests.  It doesn't cost you a fucking thing except maybe a couple of minutes of your time (if that) and it could mean big prizes or decent exposure for them.

Well, Screamlyne has entered CBC Music's contest to find the next great Hockey Night in Canada song. The winner will record a studio version of their song and be aired in a montage in prime time at the beginning of Hockey Night in Canada.  I've said it many, many fucking times...Canada fucking rocks!! Let's prove it to the nation by voting for Screamlyne!!

Now get your ass over....well, I guess you don't need to fucking move, just click this link >  Hit the Saskatchewan option and they'll pop right up.  Hit the vote button and you're done.  Then get into the fucking habit, bookmark the page and vote everyday!  Come on, it's the least you can do and you'll prove to me that YOU fucking rock just as hard as the rockers in Screamlyne......... ; )

This is the song you'll be voting for....


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