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Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Hey, I've always said I love lyrics and I heard a band this morning whose lyrics just reached out and touched my soul.  And isn't that what everyone looks for in the music they listen to?

I would have to describe RecapTheElapsed as a post-surfboard punk band with attitude with something to say about pop culture.  I have to fucking admit, I like the way they do it.  Are they ever gonna stand with the likes of U2 or Sir Paul McCartney ....not a fucking chance.  I'd put them more on a scale with Sum 41 and The Kottonmouth Kings (the Kings aren't punk, but they have that same tell it the way it fucking is attitude).

In any case, this song made me smile this morning....and I fucking love to smile, so I'm gonna share it with you.  Fuck was Ode To Miley...Plus a Few Others!! that caught my attention but I'm gonna share their whole playlist.  Enjoy, and fucking smile, you're cuter when you smile..... ; )


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