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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bash The Band

The secret behind social media is to get into the right circles....follow and friend those who are gonna turn you on to what you're fucking interested in.  One of my most intelligent follows is the Epic Texan out of...well, Texas, duh!

This man has turned me on to the best independent hard fucking rocking, blow your fucking mind music coming out of Texas and well, yeah he fucking did it again!  Yesterday, in a post directed to all his friends I'm sure, but I took it to mean me, he told me I HAD to follow Bash The Band!  And as  usual, he was absolutely right.  These boys fucking rock!!  But why should you take my word for it?  Well, because I fucking know great music, that's why....but of course I'll give you a taste for yourself.  This is Bash The Band!  Turn it the fuck up and get those horns high rockers!!


I know, I've said this before, but I truly have to get my ass to Texas.  Holy shit, it is fucking happening there!  The list of artists in that state that are a must see is getting pretty fucking long and now it includes Bash The Band!  If you're in the area, you gotta friend and follow the Epic Texan on facebook and twitter respectively.  He's constantly posting events that I fucking wish I could go to, featuring excellent hard rock and metal artists from the Texas area!  Get to those fucking shows and rock that local music!  And who knows? Perhaps one of these days you'll catch me there too!   I'll be the drunk blonde up front....... ; )

You can find Bash The Band all over the fucking web....facebooktwitterreverbnation, youtube and of course at their own website

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