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Monday, 9 December 2013

Alberta (Where the Green Grass Grows)

Alberta is the place where the green grass grows unless it's the middle of winter then its just fucking cold.  This past summer Alberta was hit very hard.  Torrential rains and storms brought floods the likes that Alberta had never seen before.  Calgary, High River and surrounding communities (reaching all the way to Medicine Hat and Lethbridge) saw many residents driven from their homes as the waters rose, flooding most, washing some away.  The devastation was immense and horrible.

A good friend of mine in Trochu, Alberta had just finished writing a song about the province in which he loves and lives when the news hit.  His mind full of the path of destruction the high waters had created, Gordon Wesley Moore of Made in Canada practiced his song about his beautiful province with tears in eyes.  Wanting to do something but having little to give he decided to give his song.  I guess you could compare Gordy with a certain little drummer boy who only had the gift of song to give....kinda fitting for this time of year, huh?

With a little help from his musician friends...John Schilling, Lewis Frere, Dean Ray, and Craig Learmont (who is also Gordy's producer), Alberta (Where the Green Grass Grows) is now for sale. All proceeds from the sale of this song will go to help rebuild what Mother Nature chose to destroy (she must suffer from PMS because man, what a bitch!)  It will take the Province of Alberta many, many years to rebuild (the costs of rebuilding run into the billions).  Please click on this link > CD Baby - Alberta (Where the Green Grass Grows) and hit the buy button to purchase Alberta (Where the Green Grass Grows) and help Alberta rebuild.  Here's a preview of the song........


One thing we do know about Canadians in general is that they are caring, generous people.  We help when we can and now Gordy is giving you the opportunity to not forget that people are still out of their homes and you can still do a very small part to help.  As a thank you, you get an awesome song as well.  It's the gift that keeps on giving....... ; )

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