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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Forever Still

One of my very favorite things is clicking on a tune from a band I've never heard before and discovering something that fucking rocks.  Well, it's gonna be a great day because it happened to me this morning when I clicked on Forever Still's bandcamp page!

Hailing from Copenhagen Denmark and fronted by Maja Shonning this band will blow you away at first listen.  Forever Still can certainly give Evanescence and Lacuma Coil a run for their money. Conceived in 2009 and building steam and energy ever since, Forever Still has developed their line-up over the years and released their first EP Breaking Free earlier this year.

Combining melodic rock with the heavier strains of metal and hard rock with a dash of industrial techno added in, Forever Still has created a progressive rock sound that is fresh and new yet classic as well.  I imagine they will enjoy great success not only in Denmark but around the world.  You gotta check em out....and be sure to listen to the end, Forever Still will surprise a fucking rocking way!


What did I fucking tell you!  What a great fucking way to start a day!!  Rock on boys and girls, you can thank me later....... ; )

For more info on this kick ass band check out their webpage at  You can catch all their links there as well!

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