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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Burden of Sanity

Not that I listen to too many dudes that tell me their right and I'm wrong but Red and Jay lured me into listening to their podcast by tempting me with a kick ass band interview and prizes.  So, Monday night after listening to the Rock and Roll Report, I was online anyway and decided to give We're Right, You're Wrong a listen.

Well, I'm fucking glad I did!  And for a number of reasons! First...they are fucking funny.  Anyone who makes me laugh gets my attention and support...and Red and Jay have a natural banter and a great sense of humor.  Second...they're opinionated.  I like that in a me a reason to debate...with him.  Third....they were hosting a contest that was fucking giving away kick ass music!  Fourth...I fucking won!

Burden of Sanity is a hard rock/alternative metal band out of Miami.  What I really like about them is they don't sound like anything I've ever heard before.  Which really shouldn't surprise me as their influences (whom I'm a fan of as well) Killswitch Engage, Tool and the Deftones liked to push creativity through their own original styles.  And well, let's face it....if it rocks, I fucking like it....and Burden of Sanity fucking rocks.  Here....take a lisen....


I have it good authority that they are about to release a CD....well, because I fucking won visit them on facebook > or on ReverbNation > to find out how to get yours!

And before I go....I gotta tell you to check out Red and Jay and their podcast We're Right, You're Wrong recorded weekly.  You can find it here >  Oh and follow them on twitter....their handle is @yesweareright.  They're saucy little fuckers but I'm sure you'll like em as much as I do...... ; )

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