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Monday, 23 December 2013

Jhonny K and the Krew

Last night I was listening once again to Red and Jay and their show We're Right, You're Wrong at ....well, basically because I heard they were talking about me.  So before kicking their fucking asses I thought I'd better see for myself.  Turns out it was all good so they're safe for another week....y'know for smart asses they definitely know how to stay on a girls good side...guess smart ass is way better than dumb ass....

Anyway....after I was assured they weren't saying bad shit about me, I stuck around and listened to the whole show.  Again, I highly recommend you waste the hour a week of your life and give these boys a listen....they tend to raise a good point.  I'm also discovering they have kick ass guests every week as well!  Last night was no exception as they interviewed Jhonny K of Jhonny K and the Krew.

Jhonny is quite impressive with his musical background, obviously bitten by the music bug as a young guy, he wanted to play the drums....after discussions with his mother though, settled for the trumpet.  From there he never looked back....adding guitar, songwriting, producing and success coach...? to his talents, Jhonny sought out knowledge of the business from the best in the business in Nashville, Tennessee and has developed quite a body of work.

Pulling together gifted musicians.....Aaron "Yeequon" Lee on lead guitar and vocals, Matt Boles on bass and vocals, Voltz aka Lee Sebel on keyboards and vocals, Lizz Clayton on violin and vocals, and of course the keeper of the beat Jeff Walpole on drums and vocals...... Jhonny K leads Jhonny K and the Krew on vocals and guitar.  Their sound is country rock and like my favorites, the Eagles, Jhonny K and the Krew pull together great harmonies and kick ass rock guitar.  With a couple of albums under their belts, I could share a number of songs with you but t'is the season......


I'm glad I took the time to check out Jhonny K a little more closely, you see, those smooth vocals and kick ass rhythms aren't all he has going for him....turns out he's quite the sexy beast as well and well, you know how I feel about sexy rock stars........ ; )

Check out more of Jhonny K and the Krew at and catch more of his links including twitter, facebook and youtube while you're there!

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