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Monday, 2 December 2013

Battle at the Cambie

Hey kids, I'm back!  Sorry for the absence....I quit smoking again and was feeling a little on edge but now I'm feelin fine and lookin even better!  In fact, I was feelin and lookin so fine I felt I had to get out and take in some serious rock and roll on Saturday that's exactly what I did.

Throughout the month of November the Cambie Bar and Grill in Nanaimo, British Columbia has been having a little competition.  Pitting great local island bands against one another, it all came down to the best of them this past Saturday night!  Man, I tell ya, when I pick a night to go out, I pick a fucking night to go out!!

It was all started with band #1, Cathedral Groove, a funky, cool, bohemian style band out of Courtenay, British Columbia.  They succeeded in getting my toes tapping and shoulders swaying to their cool funky vibe.  Here have a listen for yourself....


Band #2 fucking rocked my world with their driving rhythms and hard fucking rock riffs. Hailing from Nanaimo, Under the Mountain has rightfully gained quite a large local fan base.  Headbanging and rocking out these boys made me feel right at home.  They fucking blew me away and I couldn't fucking sit still while they strutted their stuff.  Ah, gotta check em out....fucking Rock n' Roll with Rock n' Roll.....


I was especially excited to catch Band #3 considering they had already caught my attention.  Turned on to The Distributors by 106.9 The Wolf's DJ, Mike Lang, I've written about these talented young people in a blog post I posted back in September -  The Distributors.  Also hailing from Nanaimo, It was very exciting to catch them perform live and they fucking killed it, performing a smattering of their original tunes along with some great covers!


It was Band #4 I was there to support though....Carry The Storm takes Metal to new highs, not to mention I'm quite fond of the kid who leads this fucking kick-ass band.  Incredibly talented musicians, this Nanaimo band never ceases to fucking entertain.  I've written about them previously as well but this time they finally fucking have a track recorded that I can share with you!  Metal fans get your fucking horns up in the fucking air and turn this tune all the fucking way up!!  This is Betrayal....


Completely different and diverse styles, these bands are best at what they do within their own genres and each one of them deserved to take home top prizes. A majority of the fans in attendance had to be hard rock fans because the fan vote came in with their choice of Under the Mountain to take the top prize.  I'm not sure who took home the judges prize....Amber hasn't fucking updated their facebook page yet....perhaps if she reads this, she'll let us know by posting the winner in a comment below. C'mon darlin, the kids wanna know...... ; )

Here are some links to stalk, er I mean check out more from these kick-ass bands....

Cathedral Groove

Under The Mountain

The Distributors

Carry The Storm


  1. Congrats go to Under The Mountain for Cambie Battle Of The Bands!! It was a very hard decision for the judges and took a full day to decide! Thanks Cat for coming out and ROCKING at the Cambie with us! We have great LIVE MUSIC every weekend!! Introduce yourself next time you're there!

    1. Thanks Amber! Will do! Keep the rockin doll! Horns Up!