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Wednesday, 30 October 2013


I write about a lot of bands here.  All of them catch my attention in one form or another.  One of those bands....and I'm going way fucking back....not only caught my attention, but has held it for years now.  They are a Metal band out of New Jersey....y'know what, I don't want to call them a Metal band anymore...yeah they still play Metal but they aren't fucking afraid to experiment with different styles too.

The band I'm speaking of is Killed the Fixtion and I've been, listening to these young men grow and build on what was already an incredible talent into something that I can't help but feel is destined for greatness.  Their willingness to stretch their boundaries never ceases to amaze and impress me.  Their song Ardour.Awe.Devoir is a perfect example of how diverse this "Metal" band is.....


On November 2, that's right... just a few days away, Killed the Fixtion will be sharing their entire music catalogue with everyone in the "family"!'s not a fucking mob thing, you don't need to kill anyone or owe a "favor" to any godfathers....all you gotta do is join the Killed the Fixtion family at and they'll send you a link on November 2nd to download all their music, for fucking free people!!!!  I've been a member of the Killed the Fixtion family for a long time now and I guarantee you this is not a scam or spam site.  

The men of Killed the Fixtion have what it takes for greatness and I love them very much...they're not afraid to expand and try new things...they remember their roots and try cool old things too.  Hmmmm, cool old things....I wonder if I would fit into that catagory......... ; )