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Thursday, 10 October 2013


Okay boys and girls, hold on tight because we are taking another quick trip over the pond.  If you're a fan of the powerpop punk sounds that have been made popular over the decades by artists such as Bowie, The Kinks and yes even Pink Floyd, I think you are gonna love what the UK is pumping out today.

KynchinLay is a trio that's been together since 2010 and now in 2013 we're finally getting to hear some of their recorded singles....and I'm fucking likin' it!!  The sound, though not entirely new, is not a traditional rock sound either.  It's been revived over the years in the form of punk and goth and now, again, KynchinLay has brought it back from the ashes and recreated it in the form of industrial rock.

I don't normally share live videos because let's face it....the sound quality just isn't fucking there.  But in this case, this video was either recorded with great equipment or these guys are just that fucking good....lets go with "these guys are just that fucking good".  Here's one of three singles to appear on their debut EP, this is Public Execution......


Now this is just their first single and only a taste of what these guys have to offer.  I highly suggest you visit their bandcamp page at Take a listen to all three of their singles and discover how diverse this band really is!!  I think Dogfeathers might be my favourite....but then again, I'm a little fucking weird....... ; )

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