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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Free Music Library from Killed the Fixtion

If you are a member of the Killed the Fixtion family (like me) you've already received the Killed the Fixtion music library for absolutely zero fucking dollars.  What an incredible way for these guys to show their fans they love them.  But the love doesn't stop there - no fucking way - because even if you've never heard of Killed the Fixtion they still want to give YOU their entire music library for FUCKING FREE!

Like most musicians, Killed the Fixtion just want their music heard.  So they set up a date to blast the world with their tunes and as luck would have it, that date is today!  As a loyal fan, I'll take the music they have to share and share it with all of you! Here's the link.....


You can download the songs one at a time, download them all to your dropbox, or download the entire folder as a zip file.....either way, you'll be fucking rockin out in mere minutes.  

These guys never cease to amaze me with their talent and diversity and I'm confident you're gonna love Killed the Fixtion as much as I do.  They promise, they deliver, they kick some fucking serious ass............ ; )

Visit Killed the Fixtion on their website at can catch all their links to stay connected there as well!

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