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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Normally, I won't write a blog about something I can't fucking share.  Yeah, I have a bit of a reputation of being a tease, but that's only in a fun sexy way.  Generally when it comes to music, I won't tease you....I'll write about how great a new sound is but always share and let you judge for yourself.  Today, boys and girls, I'm breaking the rules.

Being a music blogger, I get to hear a lot of great new music.  Every once in a while I get to hear it before the general public.  This is the case with Cupla's new single, BomB.  When Billy McAloney (the man behind the tweets and the drums) tweeted me and told me he had something new to share, I did get pretty fucking excited.  After all, I've been a big fan of Cupla for years now.  What I heard blew me right the fuck out of the water!!

The intro, full of awesome blues and rock riffs didn't really surprise me.  Bobby McAloney (rhythm guitar) writes some of the best music I've ever heard.....and Sexy Time - er I mean Andrew Venning (lead guitar) - knows how to fucking make his guitar sing, creating a wave of sound that lifts you and carries you away on a musical magic carpet ride.

What blew me away were the vocals!! We're used to Tricia McAloney's cool sultry monotone but in this song she stretches her vocals giving us a new sound that's sexy as hell!!  The song is mixed, mastered and produced by Billy McAloney, just giving us another reason to stand in awe of this awesome musician.

No doubt, I'm a little fucking pissed they haven't released the song yet.  They are keeping it under-cover, releasing it only to reviewers and radio.  If you know a DJ that has the power to play new music (hint, hint, Mike Lang) get them to get in touch with Billy to get an mp3 of BomB....tell em you got to hear it.  Trust me, you do!  If you have a favorite online radio show that plays indie music (hint, hint, Ray and Joe)......tell em you got to hear it.  Trust me, you do!  Another thing you can do is bug the shit out of Cupla on twitter and facebook and tell em you got to hear it.  Trust me, you do!

On twitter they can be found under the handles @CuplaBand,  @BillMcAloney,  @TriciaMcaloney,  @Bmc31 and @VenZen23.  Their facebook page is  If you are anywhere near Vancouver, you'll want to check out their show at the Cellar Club on November 8th.  Details can be found on facebook here >  I'm gonna be there even if I have to fucking swim......... ; )


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