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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Black Water Rising

Okay boys and girls, hold on tight to whatever you can get your hands on because the tide is rising and it's gonna fucking rock you.  Fuck it....let go and let Black Water Rising drown you in their brand of traditional hard rock!  You may not know it yet but I can fucking guarantee that if you're a hard rock fan, you're a Black Water Rising fan.

Here I was, spending a quiet moment having my morning coffee, going through my twitter feeds when I came across Black Water Rising.  I clicked their link, listened to a couple of their tunes and was fucking blown away.  Now I'm full of energy, excitement and yeah, maybe a little horny too!  Okay, okay...... A LOT horny.

This band turns me on!  Their style definitely gives me hope that rock music is not only still alive but is fucking kicking asses and taking names.  Full of heavy guitar riffs and vocals that were made for hard rock, Black Water Rising has no need for gimmicks or crossover styles.  They are pure fucking rock and roll and I'm fucking liking it.  But I digress, here, take a listen for yourself......


You can find more info on the band, along with more videos, merchandise and links to stalk them on their website at  They've inspired this rock and roll angel to trade in her halo for a set of horns.  \m/(>.<)\m/ Horns up bitches ............... ; )

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